Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 2: Brewose


Volume 2, page 308:
SIR THOMAS DE BREWOSE or BREOUSE, of Manningford Bruce, Wilts, Tetbury, co. Gloucester, Werthorpe, co. York, Chesworth, Sedgwick, and Bidlington, Sussex, Bookham and Bramley, Surrey ... [d. 1361]

He was among those who, on 20 July 1322, were to be delivered to the sheriff of Yorkshire to be kept in prison for adhering to the [Earl of Lancaster's] rebels. On 30 October, he was ordered to be delivered to Ralph de Cobham, who had stood bail for him [Calendar of Close Rolls, 1318-1323, pp. 580, 603].

Henry Tyeys, one of the leading rebels, had been Thomas's guardian in 1316 [Calendar of Patent Rolls, 1313-1317, p. 499]. Ralph de Cobham was the husband of Thomas's sister Mary [Complete Peerage, vol. 9, p. 598].

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Volume 2, pages 309 and 310:
SIR THOMAS DE BREWOSE or BREOUSE, of Manningford, Tetbury, Werthorpe, Chesworth, Sedgwick, Bidlington, Bookham, and Bramley ... He m. Margaret. He d. 2 Sep. 1395, and was bur. at Horsham, Sussex. His widow m., 2ndly (royal licence 6 Jan. 1395/6), as 2nd wife, Sir William BURCESTRE. She m., 3rdly, after 22 Feb. 1409/10, as 3rd wife, Sir John BERKELEY, of Beverstone, co. Gloucester. He, who was b. at Wotton-under-Edge 21 and bap. 23 Jan. 1351/2, d. 5 Mar. 1427/8, aged 76. She d. 12 or 20 Aug. 1444.

Margaret was the daughter of Ralph de Cheyney. She had previously been the wife of Edmund Hogshaw, and between her marriages to Sir William Burcestre and Sir John Berkeley was the wife of William Breton. She was buried at the priory of Holy Trinity or Christchurch, Aldgate.

Among those buried at the priory of Holy Trinity, John Stow recorded "Dame Margaret daughter to Sir Ralph Cheuie [Chenie]", naming her three husbands of knightly rank mentioned above, but not the other two [Survey of London (1603), page 143]. In 1405, with her husband [...] Burcestre, knight, she was holding a third part of two parts of the manor of Clevedon, Somerset, as dower from Edmund Hogshaw [Calendar of inquisitions post mortem, volume 19, number 186], who had died a minor on 1 October 1388 [Calendar of inquisitions post mortem, volume 16, numbers 698 and 700]. In 1410 with her husband William Breton she quitclaimed her right in the manor of Clevedon and other property [Emanuel Green, Feet of fines, Somerset, Henry IV-Henry VI (1906), page 38], and in a chancery suit as wife of William Breton, esquire, she was described as the residuary legatee and late the wife of William Burcestre, knight [National Archives, C 1/69/154].

Further details of Margaret and her husbands have been provided by Rosie Bevan, and can be found here.

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