Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 3: Clifford


Volume 3, page 292:
ROGER (DE CLIFFORD), LORD CLIFFORD, ... d. 13 July 1389, aged 56.(d)
Note d:
... Sir Lewis Clifford, K.G., whose curious will (1404) is given by Dugdale, and who is the reputed ancestor of the Barons Clifford of Chudleigh, was probably a br., but certainly not a son, of this Lord.

Lewis Clifford's ancestry is still not known, but in 1373 it was stated that the vills of Huxham, Columbjohn and "Stokes" in Devon were of his aunt [John of Gaunt's Register, volume 1, page 125]. In 1284-6 the manor of Columbjohn had been held by Mauger de St Albin of Reynold Clifford (who held of several other lords in succession) [Feudal Aids, volume 1, page 333], and in 1332 it was settled, with other property, by a fine on Roger Prideaux and Elizabeth, daughter of John de Clifford, and the heirs of their bodies [CP 25/1/43/47, number 58; abstract here]. This may suggest that Lewis Clifford was related to the Cliffords of Devon.

The Clifford family of Chudleigh descended not directly from Lewis, but from William Clifford (d. 1438), the son of Lewis's brother Hugh. William, in a deed dated 7 Henry VI, referred to himself as the heir of his uncle, Lewis Clifford [Blomefield, History of Norfolk (1808), volume 9, page 304], and the descent from Lewis to Alexander Clifford (d. 1494) is given in a plea of 1446 [CP 40/743, rot. 557, abstracted by Wrottesley, Pedigrees from the Plea Rolls, p. 390], though in the plea roll an additional generation is wrongly inserted.

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