Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 5: Exeter


Volume 5, page 204:
He [Thomas Beaufort, Duke of Exeter] d. s.p.s., 31 Dec. 1426, ...

By his wife Margaret he had a son Henry, who died before his parents [Calendar of Fine Rolls, 1430-1437, pp. 138, 139].

[This evidence was provided by Douglas Richardson in February 2005.
Item last updated: 30 March 2005.]

Volume 5, pages 208, 209:
[Anne de Stafford, first wife of John Holand, Duke of Exeter (d. 1447)] d. 20 or 24 Sep. 1432, and was bur. in the Church of St. Katherine by the Tower.

Volume 5, page 211 (as modified by volume 14):
The Duke [John Holand, Duke of Exeter] d. 5 Aug. 1447, aged 51 or 52, and was bur. in the Church of St. Katherine afsd. at the north end of the High Altar.(ba) ... She [his widow, Anne de Mountagu] d. 28 Nov. 1457, and was bur. with him.
Note (ba):
See Gough, Sepulchral Monuments, vol. 2, part 3, 1796, plate 54 and pp. 155-6.

The monument to the duke and his first and third wives is now (2004) in the chapel of St Peter ad Vincula in the Tower of London, having been moved there in 1949 from the hospital of St Katherine in Regent's Park - the successor to St Katherine's by the Tower after its demolition in 1825 [Mervyn Blatch, A guide to London's churches (1978), p. 405].

[The survival of the monument was pointed out by Martin Reboul in September 2004, and further discussed by Adrian Channing.
Item last updated: 7 November 2004.]