Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 6: Huntingdon


Volume 6, page 645 (as modified by volume 14):
He [William, King of Scotland (d. 1214)] m., 5 Sep. 1186, at Woodstock, Ermengarde, da. of Richard, VICOMTE DE BEAUMONT LA MAINE, by Constance, illegitimate da. of Henry I.(f)
Note f:
Idem [Benedict of Peterborough], vol. i, pp. 347, 351 ...

According to Complete Peerage, vol. 11, App. D, p. 116, Constance was the mother, not the wife, of Richard de Beaumont. This is supported by vol. 12, part 1, p. 768, note j (continued on p. 769), which prints an extract from a charter of confirmation of King John in 1199 to Constance de Tony [daughter of Richard de Beaumont], referring to her grandmother Constance as the daughter of Henry I.

[The contradiction was pointed out by Henry Sutliff in March 2003. Rosie Bevan provided the evidence from vol. 12, part 1, in November 2003.
Item last updated: 30 November 2003.]

Volume 6, page 650:
[Robin Hood, otherwise Robert Fitzooth, the famous forest outlaw, popularly ennobled in legend as Earl of Huntingdon, never possessed that Earldom or any other title of dignity.]

Robin Hood (for whose existence no contemporary evidence has been found) was first called Robert fitz Ooth in a fictitious pedigree concocted by the 18th-century antiquary William Stukeley [see J.C. Holt, Robin Hood, p. 43 (1989 edn)].