Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 7: Kerry


Volume 7, page 200:
[The chart pedigree shows] Juliane [the wife of] Thomas de Clare, d. 1287 [and] Amabel, d. s.p. [as the daughters of] Maurice f. Maurice, Justiciar; d. 1286 [by] Emeline de Longespee.

Emmeline was the daughter of Stephen de Longespee, a younger son of William de Longespee, Earl of Salisbury (d. 1225/6). She was clearly not the mother of Maurice fitz Maurice's daughter Julian.

According to the Victoria County History, Berkshire, vol. 4, pp. 158-159, Emmeline did not marry Maurice until 1272-3 (no source for this statement is cited, however), whereas Julian was married to Thomas de Clare by February 1274/5 [Cal. Documents Ireland, vol. 3, no 1142].

When Emmeline died, she had no descendants living, but Julian's grandsons by both her daughters were alive. At the Berkshire inquisition taken in 1332/3 after Emmeline's death, her heirs were stated to be Maud, sometime the wife of Robert de Houland, and Helen, her sister [Cal. Inq. p.m., vol. 7, no 442]. Maud and Helen were Emmeline's great nieces, the granddaughters of her sister Ela, the wife of Roger la Zouche [Complete Peerage, vol. 12, part 2, pp. 935, 936]. Julian's daughters by Thomas de Clare, Margaret and Maud, both married and had issue living in 1333 [Complete Peerage, vol. 1, pp. 372, 373; vol. 3, p. 291]. (There is no doubt that Julian was their mother, as in 1321 they were found to be heirs of Thomas de Clare, the son of Julian's son Richard - see Gloucester. Note also that Margaret's son Giles de Badlesmere held at his death the manor of Inchiquin [Cal. Inq. p.m., vol. 9, no 119], which had been settled on the heirs of the body of Thomas de Clare by Julian [Cal. Documents Ireland, vol. 3, no 1142].)

[Leslie Mahler pointed out the chronological difficulty of Julian's being Emmeline's daughter in September, 1998, and Douglas Richardson cited the evidence that Emmeline died without descendants in February 2000.]