Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 9: Mountjoy


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Volume 9, page 337:
He [Edward (Blount), Lord Mountjoy (d.1475)] was affianced to, and possibly m., between 18 June and 1 Dec. 1475, Anne ... da. of Sir Thomas COBHAM, by Elizabeth, da. of Sir John CHIDIOK.

Anne, the daughter and heir of Sir Thomas Cobham, could not have been the daughter of Elizabeth Chidiok (see Cobham, vol.3, p.355). She was presumably the daughter of Sir Thomas' subsequent wife Anne, daughter of Humphrey (Stafford), Duke of Buckingham.

Anne Cobham was stated to be aged 4 years and more at the inquisitions taken in 1471 and 1472 after her father's death [P.R.O. C140/39/58].

[This error was pointed out by Tim Powys-Lybbe in November 2001.]

Volume 9, pages 346, 347:
He [Charles (Blount), Lord Mountjoy (d.1606)] d. s.p. legit. at Savoy House, Strand, of inflammation of the lungs, 3 Apr., and was bur. 7 May 1606, in Westm. Abbey.(a)
page 347, note a:
... Inq. p. m., Wards and Liveries, 42/66 ... His heir was Henry Baker, knight, aged 20, s. and h. of John Baker deceased, s. and h. of Catherine, da. and sole h. of John Terrell and sister of William (Blount), 4th Lord Mountjoy.

Part of the text has been missed out here, so that the stated relationship does not make sense. In fact, John Baker (the father of the heir, Sir Henry Baker) was a third cousin of the deceased.

According to the inquisition post mortem, the heir was Henry Baker, knight (aged 20 years and 1 month), son and heir of John Baker, esquire, deceased, son and heir of Catherine, daughter and sole heir of John Terell, son and heir of Constance the wife of Thomas Terell, knight, and sister of William, Lord Mountjoy, father of Charles, Lord Mountjoy, father of James, Lord Mountjoy, father of the deceased Charles [P.R.O. WARD 7/42/66].

Sir Henry Baker's great great grandmother Constance was therefore the daughter of John (Blount), Lord Mountjoy (d.1485), who referred to a daughter "Constantine" in his will [Complete Peerage, vol.9, p.338, note f, citing P.C.C., 27 Logge]. Details consistent with the account above are given in the pedigrees of Tirrell of Heron and Baker of Sissinghurst entered at, respectively, the Visitation of Essex, 1552 [Harleian Soc., vol.13, pp.15-16] and the Visitation of Kent, 1619 [Harleian Soc., vol.42, p.63].

[This error was pointed out by Adrian Channing in November 2001.]