Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 9: Norwich


Volume 9, page 765:
SIR WALTER DE NORWICH, s. and h. ap. [of John de Norwich (d.1362)], was m., in or before Jan. 1340/1, to Margaret, whose parentage has not been ascertained.

Margaret was the daughter of Sir John de Haudlo (d.1346) by his wife Maud, the daughter of Sir Philip Burnell.

In 1340 John de Haudlo conveyed several manors and advowsons on Geoffrey de Scardeburgh and Thomas Asselote - John was to hold these for his life, and after his death they were to pass to his son Nicholas and his heirs [Essex Feet of Fines, vol.3, p.56]. An endorsement records that Amauri de St Amand and Joan his wife, Walter the son of John de Norwich and Margaret his wife, and Elizabeth the daughter of John de Haudlo put in their claim. Most of these manors had in 1331 been settled by John de Haudlo and Maud his wife on themselves and their male heirs, with successive remainders to Joan, Elizabeth and Margaret, daughters of Maud, for their lives, and to John son of John Lovel (Maud's son by her previous marriage) and his male heirs [Essex Feet of Fines, vol.3, p.21; licence was given for this settlement 10 February 1330/1 (Calendar of Patent Rolls 1330-34, p.75)]. Clearly these three daughters are the same women who put in their claim in 1340.

Margaret was the daughter of Maud by her second husband, Sir John de Haudlo - by her first husband, John Lovel, Maud had only one daughter, Joan, said to be John Lovel's heir in October 1314, and a son John born after his father's death [Complete Peerage, vol. 8, p. 217, note m].

[Douglas Richardson pointed out the evidence for the identification of Margaret in January 2002.]