Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 1: Atholl (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)

ATHOLL or ATHOLE sometimes anciently called ASCELES

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Volume 1, page 304:
MALCOLM, EARL OF ATHOLL [S.], [d. between 1186 and 1198] s. of Malcolm, who was probably s. of Madach by a prior marriage. ... He m., as his 2nd wife, Hextild, da. of Waltheof, or Uchtred, and widow of Richard COMYN.

Malcolm is stated in the Durham Liber Vitæ to be the son of Mad[ach]. The suggestion that his father was called Malcolm originated with a misreading of "Mad" as "Mal" in Stevenson's 1841 edition of the Liber [see Scots Peerage, vol. 1, p. 416, note 4].

Hextild is described as the daughter "Uchtredi" in the Liber. The Scots Peerage [vol. 1, p. 417] calls her father "Uchtred (or Godrith), son of Waldeve of Tynedale".

[Rosie Bevan, in July 2002, initiated a discussion on the entry in the Durham Liber Vitaæ relating to this family. Many informative contributions followed, from John P. Ravilious, Phil Moody, Bob Baxter, Adrian C. Grant and others.]