Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 1: Balliol (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)


Volume 1, page 386:
He [Edward Balliol, formerly crowned King of Scotland] d.s.p. between May 1363 and Sep. 1365, when any Peerage dignity that may be supposed to have been cr. by these writs became extinct.(d)
Note d:
His 4 sisters were (i) Margaret, who d. unm. (ii) Ada, wife of William de Lindsay. (iii) Cicely, wife of John de Burgh. (iv) Mary, wife of John Comyn of Badenoch.

It appears that, as stated by other secondary sources, these four women were not Edward's sisters but his aunts (being daughters of John Balliol, sometime Regent of Scotland, by his wife Devorgild of Galloway). The wife of John Comyn was apparently called Eleanor, not Mary.

[This error was pointed out by Tom Aiken in June 1997, and subsequently discussed by Nat Taylor, Dave Utzinger, D. Spencer Hines, John P. Ravilious and Richard Borthwick (who in August 2000 communicated a note from Peter Hammond agreeing with the correction).]