Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 8: Lindsey (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)


Volume 8, page 22:
He [Robert (Bertie), Earl of Lindsey (d. 1701)] m. 1stly (pub. of banns 19 Nov. to 3 Dec. 1654, at St. Margaret's, Westm.), Mary, 2nd and yst. da. and coh. of John MASSINGBERD, of London ... She d. s.p.m., after Sep. 1655.
note f:
Albemarle, the Earl's 5th and yst. son by his 1st wife, is referred to in 1709 (Idem [Hist. MSS. Com., Ancaster MSS.], p.438); his portrait being at Swinstead House, Jan. 1726 (p. 458).

Adrian Channing, in June 2002, pointed out this contradiction, and suggested that Robert's first 5 sons were children of his second marriage.