Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 9: Moray (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)


Volume 9, page 171:
HENRY BEAUMONT, LORD BEAUMONT by writ of summons in 1309, and sum. to the English Parl. as Earl of Buchan in 1334, was presumably cr. EARL OF MORAY [S.] by Edward Baliol during the brief period when, as King of Scotland, he had the right to confer the Earldom, for, as Earl of Buchan and Moray (Murref), and Constable of Scotland, this Henry joined with Isabel, widow of John de Vescy, in granting to Bridlington Priory a confirmation of a charter of Gilbert (de Gand), Earl of Lincoln, 16 June 1334, at Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Douglas Richardson, in January 2003, provided another example of his being styled Earl of Buchan and Moray and Constable of Scotland, in an order dated 17 October 1333, in favour of him and Isabel de Beaumont, Lady de Vescy [citing Register of William Melton Archbishop of York, vol. 1 (Canterbury and York Society, vol. 70, p. 97)].

[This question was also discussed by Gordon Johnson.
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