Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 9: Mortimer of Attleborough (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)

MORTIMER of Attleborough

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Volume 9, page 243:
The Mortimers of Norfolk held under the Earls Warenne a fief of which Attleborough was the caput, and Scoulton, Raveningham, Stanford and Rockland among its members. No blood relationship has been proved between them and the Mortimers of Wigmore, but the history of the latter family was also associated with that of the great house of Warenne; for when the castle and seignory of Mortemer-sur-Eaulne were forfeited in 1054 by Roger de Mortemer (ancestor of the Mortimers of Wigmore) they were granted to William de Warenne.

The argument by Ian Mortimer supporting the suggested descent of the Mortimers of Attleborough from the Mortimers of Wigmore, based on the tenure of two Lincolnshire manors, has since been withdrawn.

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