Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 10: Oxford (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)


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Volume 10, pages 205, 206:
He [Aubrey de Vere III, Earl of Oxford (d. 1194)] m., 3rdly, in 1162 or 1163, Agnes, da. of Henry DE ESSEX, Lord of Rayleigh and Haughley,(c) by his wife Cicely.(d)
Note c:
Henry de Essex was son (by his 1st wife, Gunnor Bigod) of Robert de Essex (FitzSuein), who m., 2ndly, Aubrey's sister Alice. For his ancestry see Fry, Essex Arch. Soc. Trans., vol. v, pp. 101-15.
Note d:
Dugdale, Mon., vol. iv, p. 82.

On the question of whether Henry's father Robert was the same Robert de Essex who married Aubrey's sister Alice, see under The Early Veres, volume 10, appendix J, page 115 and note i.

Rosie Bevan, in April 2003, suggested that Agnes's mother, Cicely, may have been a daughter of Roger de Valognes by his wife Agnes, sister of Payn fitz John.

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Volume 10, page 210:
He [Aubrey (de Vere), Earl of Oxford (d. 1214)] m., 2ndly, Alice, said to be da. of Roger (BIGOD), 2nd EARL OF NORFOLK,(d) who brought him the lordship of Prayers in Hedingham Sible.
Note d:
Milles, op. cit. [Catalogue of Honor?], p. 677. So also Brooke, Catalogue, p. 169; and Vincent passes this statement without comment (op. cit. [Discoverie of Errours], p. 401). It may be derived from the Book of Colne Priory. Prima facie it seems unlikely that Aubrey would marry the da. of his 1st cousin; but his uncle Robert de Vere of Drayton married his 1st cousin Margaret, da. of Baldwin FitzGilbert (Stenton, Early Northants Charters, no. XXXI). If Alice were the da. of Hugh Bigod, 1st Earl of Norfolk, by his 2nd wife, there would be no relationship.

In addition, the list of Roger Bigod's children in the Liber Vitæ of Durham does not include a daughter Alice (see Norfolk, vol. 9, p. 589).

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