Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 10: Percy (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)


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Volume 10, pages 458, 459:
He [Henry de Percy (d. 1314)] m.(j) Eleanor, sister of Sir Richard DE ARUNDEL.(k) ... She d. in July or Aug. 1328, and was bur. at Beverley, where her obit. was celebrated.
Note j:
Perhaps before June 1294. At his proof of age (Cal. Inq. p. m., vol. iii, no. 214) Counsel for the King said that his lands ought not yet to be restored to him, because he had not satisfied the King for his marriage.
Note k (and continuation on p. 459):
... The parentage of Richard and Eleanor is obscure. Eleanor is called da. of the Earl of Arundel in a Percy genealogy in the Whitby Chartulary, p. 692, and the Alnwick Chron., p. 38; and she has been usually affiliated to Richard, Earl of Arundel, b. 3 Feb. 1266/7, which would make her sister to Earl Edmund, b. 1 May 1285. As her s. and h. Henry was b. probably at the end of 1300 or early in 1301, this would be just possible chronologically; and Arundel was already being used as a family name by the FitzAlans. On the other hand, Richard and Eleanor are ignored in accounts of that family, and there is no evidence to connect either of them therewith. ... However, there is no evidence to connect Richard and Eleanor with any other family of Arundel; and Percy's change of arms ... may support the belief that he had married a relation of the Earl of Arundel.

Douglas Richardson, in August 2002, supplied evidence to support the identification of Eleanor as a daughter of Richard, earl of Arundel (d. 1301/2), including a recognizance, dated 1300, of a debt of 2,000 marks owed to Henry de Percy by earl Richard, presumably connected with the payment of Eleanor's dowry (cf. the birth of Henry, the son of Henry and Eleanor, in late 1300 or early 1301) [citing Calendar of Close Rolls, 1296-1302, p. 404].

If the marriage to Eleanor took place in 1300, the reference in 1294 to his not having satisfied the king for his marriage, may imply he had another wife before Eleanor.