Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 10: Richmond (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)


Volume 10, page 824:
She [Joan, 2nd wife of John de Montfort, Duke of Brittany, Count of Montfort and Earl of Richmond (he d. 1399)] d. s.p., Nov. 1384, in Nantes, and was bur. there in the abbey of Notre Dame de Prières.

She died soon before 27 November 1384, when a funeral service was held for her at St Paul's, London [Douglas Richardson, October 2003, citing Michael Jones, Ducal Brittany 1364-1399, p. 99 (1970), who cites E. Anstis, Order of the Garter, vol. 2, p. xii, and British Library, Add. MS. 24512, f. 97r].

[Item last updated: 29 December 2003.]