Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 11: Scrope of Masham (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)

SCROPE (of Masham and Upsall)

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Volume 11, page 564:
He [Stephen (le Scrope), Lord Scrope (d. 1405/6)] m., before 15 Dec. 1376, Margery, widow of John DE HUNTINGFIELD, s. and h. ap. of William (DE HUNTINGFIELD), LORD HUNTINGFIELD, probably a da. of John (DE WELLES), LORD WELLES,(f) by Maud, da. of William (DE ROS), LORD ROS.
Note f:
On the font at South Kilvington (see p. 569, note "g" below) are the arms of Scrope impaling Welles.

Douglas Richardson, in June 2002, pointed out further evidence in support of this identification of Margery [citing the wills of Stephen le Scrope - Surtees Society, vol. 45, pp. 31-37 (1864) - and of Stephen's son Henry le Scrope - Sir N.H. Nicolas, The Controversy between Sir Richard Scrope and Sir Robert Grosvenor, vol. 2, pp. 142-147 (1832) - and the visitation of Yorkshire, 1563/4 - Harleian Society, vol. 16, p. 279 (1881)].

In January 2005, he posted details of a seal used by Margery in 1417/18, showing the arms of Scrope impaling those of Welles [citing R. H. Ellis, Catalogue of Seals in the Public Record Office, vol. 2, p. 95 (1981)].

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