Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 12, Part 1: Suffolk (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)


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Volume 12, part 1, page 450:
His widow [Elizabeth, widow of John (de la Pole), Duke of Suffolk (d. [?]1492)], who was b. 22 Apr. 1444 at Rouen,(f) d. between 7 Jan. 1502/3 and 3 May 1504, and was bur. with him.
Note f:
Wyrcester, op. cit. [Annales, in Wars of the English in France], vol. ii, p. [763].

The date given for Elizabeth's birth, 22 April 1444, may be incorrect.

The entry in Wyrcester's Annales states that she was born 22 April, at the 2nd hour of Tuesday morning, but 22 April 1444 was a Wednesday. According to Charles de Robillard de Beaurepaire, [Fondations pieuses du duc de Bedford Rouen, p. 6, note 4 (1873), citing the chapter registers of Rouen Cathedral], Elizabeth was baptised at Rouen 22 September 1444, and the same date is given by Complete Peerage, vol. 11, page 701.

[The evidence relating to Elizabeth's baptism was posted by Douglas Richardson in December 2003, the difference from the stated date of her birth was pointed out by Brad Verity, and the question was also discussed by Peter Stewart and Richard Smith.
Item last updated: 28 December 2003.]