Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 12, Part 1: Tony (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)


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Volume 12, Part 1, page 765:
He [Ralph de Toeni V (d. 1162)] m. Margaret, da. of Robert, 2nd EARL OF LEICESTER, by Amice, da. of Ralph. SEIGNEUR OF GAEL AND MONTFORT in Brittany.

In the article on Leicester (vol. 7, p. 530, note e), this marriage was dated to "after 1155", apparently on the basis of the foundation charter of Nuneaton, which was previously dated 1155-59 [Round, Cal. Docs., no. 1062], and which Margaret attests without any indication that she was married. Ray Phair, in July 2002, pointed out that David Crouch [The Beaumont twins, p. 204 (1986)] has proposed that the charter should instead be dated to 1160-1163, and that it could therefore have been given after Ralph's death. If this is correct, Margaret could have been a widow, rather than a spinster, at the time, and her marriage to Ralph could have taken place some time before.

Volume 12, part 1, page 771:
His widow [Pernel, widow of Ralph de Toeni (d. 1239)], who was granted the custody of Maud Castle, 1247-20 June 1251, m., before 15 Oct. 1256, William DE ST. OMER, and was living, 25 Nov. 1288.

Douglas Richardson, in October 2003, provided evidence that Pernel was still living 9 March 1290, when she was examined concerning the consanguinity of Sir Walter de Beauchamp and Alice de Tony [citing J. W. Willis Bund, ed., Register of Bishop Godfrey Giffard, Part 3. 1284-1291 (1900), pp. 367, 368].

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