Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 12, Part 2: Zouche of Haryngworth (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)

ZOUCHE or LA ZOUCHE (of Haryngworth)

Volume 12, part 2, page 940:
He [William (la Zouche), Lord Zouche (d. 1351/2)] m., before 15 Feb. 1295/6, Maud, da. of John (LOVEL), 1st LORD LOVEL (of Titchmarsh), being only child by his 1st wife, Isabel sister and (in her issue) h. of William DE BOIS (d. shortly before 6 Mar. 1312/3), of Thorpe Arnold, co. Leicester, Weston-in-Arden afsd., &c., da. of Arnold DE BOIS, of the same.

The evidence suggests that William du Bois also had another sister, who was the wife of Thomas Corbet of Hadley, Shropshire, (d. c. 1300) and the mother of his son and heir Roger Corbet (see Lovel of Titchmarsh, vol. 8, page 217).

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Volume 12, part 2, page 942:
Her [Elizabeth's, wife of William (la Zouche), Lord Zouche (he d. 1382)] will, dat. 16 May 1380, in the Lincoln Reg.(g)
Note g:
No probate is annexed. ... She was dead before 8 July 1382 (Cal. Close Rolls, 1381-85, p. 146) and almost certainly d. before her husband, who does not mention her in his will. [dated 14 March 1381/2]

Douglas Richardson, in March 2002, produced evidence that Elizabeth died the 9th day before the Kalends of June (i.e. 24 May) [citing I.H. Jeayes, Descriptive Catalogue of Derbyshire Charters, p. 116 (1906)]. The year is not stated, but seems likely to be 1380 in view of the date of her will.

Volume 12, part 2, page 943:
He [William (la Zouche), Lord Zouche (d. 1396)] m., 1stly, before 27 Oct. 1351, Agnes, apparently, da. of Sir Henry GREEN, Ch. Justice of the King's Bench (1361-65), of Boughton, Drayton and Green's Norton, Northants, by Katherine, da. of Sir Simon DE DRAYTON, of Drayton afsd.(f)
Note f:
See ped. of Green of Boughton and Green's Norton in Baker, Hist. of Northants, vol. i, p. 32, where, however, Agnes is wrongly called Margaret and her maternal grandfather John de Drayton; als, for the descent of Drayton, V.C.H., Northants, vol. iii, p. 237; cf. Cal. Inq. p.m., vol. x, no. 369; vol. xii, no. 355. Henry Green was a feoffee, before 1352, of the gift and settlement of Brafield and Little Houghton afsd. on William and Agnes (see p. 942, note "k" above); and Sir Henry Green of Drayton, the Chief Justice's 2nd s., was app. a feoffee of the Zouche estates in 1396, in order to fulfil William's will (Cal. Close Rolls, 1396-99, p. 66).

Douglas Richardson, in March 2002, produced evidence confirming the identity of Agnes's father [citing I.H. Jeayes, Descriptive Catalogue of Derbyshire Charters, p. 116 (1906)].