Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 12, Part 1: Stafford


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Volume 12, part 1, page 171 (as modified by volume 14):
HERVEY DE STAFFORD, s. and h. He m. Mabel, da. of Richard DE MUCEGROS(m) of Charlton, by Hawise, da. and coh. of Sir William MALET, of Curry Mallet. [See LISLE, vol. viii, p. 70.] He d. s.p. before 7 Oct. 1241, having left a will. Mabel surv. him, and was living in Apr. 1242.(p) Mabel m. 2ndly, Robert DE LISLE, who d. 1284.
Note m:
Idem [Close Rolls, 1237-42] p. 418.
Note p:
Idem, p. 418.

Mabel's father was Robert, not Richard, de Muscegros [Calendar of Close Rolls, 1237-42, p. 418]. She is identified with the wife of Robert de Lisle by Complete Peerage, vol. 5, chart pedigree of Ferrers of Chartley, and vol. 8, p. 70. Robert de Lisle's wife Mabel was still living 17 May 1271 [Calendar of Close Rolls, 1268-1272, pp. 414, 415].

[This error was pointed out by Jim Weber in May 2003.
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Volume 12, part 1, page 174:
RALPH (DE STAFFORD), LORD STAFFORD, s. and h., b. 24 Sep. 1301.(b)
Note b:
Cal. Inq. p.m., vol. vi, no. 354.

Ralph was born at Amynton [Amington] by Tamwurthe [Tamworth, Staffordshire], and baptised in the church of St Edith [or Editha], Tamworth [Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem, Edward III, vol. 6, no 354 (p. 213)].

[This evidence was provided by Brad Verity in February 2005.
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