Medieval source material on the internet: Some internet libraries

Paul Halsall's Internet Medieval Sourcebook (Fordham University) provides an unparalleled list of online medieval documents at different websites, from which many of those below are taken. The list is worldwide in scope, and in addition to complete works there are hundreds of individual extracts. The whole collection is searchable.

A large number of books available online are listed at the On-Line Books Page (University of Pennsylvania)

Other major online publishing projects are:

And the following smaller projects include material relevant to medieval England.

Another important resource is the History Data Service (the successor to AHDS History), which provides digital resources relating to historical research or teaching. The collections include several sets of data relating to medieval England. Some are available for free download, and others are supplied on CD or floppy disc. As the collections are intended primarily for academic use, a charge may be made to non-academics.