Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 4: Despenser


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Volume 4, page 290:
He [Sir Philip le Despenser (d. 1424)] m. Elizabeth, 3rd da. and coh. of Sir Robert DE TIBETOT, of Nettlestead, Suffolk, Langar, Notts, &c. [LORD TIBETOT], by Margaret, da. of Sir William DEINCOURT (s. and h. ap. of Sir William DEINCOURT, of Blankney, co. Lincoln [LORD DEINCOURT]).

In fact Margaret should be placed a generation earlier in the Deincourt family, as the daughter of William Deincourt, Lord Deincourt (d. 1364).

Margaret's father, William Deincourt, is described as the lord of Granby [Nottinghamshire] in a lease dated 5 June 1348 [abstract of Warwickshire County Record Office, CR 26/1/11/K6, Discovery Catalogue, National Archives]. In October 1353, William Deincourt, lord of Granby, is identified as the husband of Millicent [la Zouche], which implies that he was the Lord Deincourt who died in 1364 [Calendar of Close Rolls, 1349-1354, p. 612]. (Note that - although this William had a son of the same name, who died before him - there can be no question of Granby having been held by the son in 1348, and having reverted to the father by 1353, as the son did not die until shortly before 16 June 1360 - see Deincourt, volume 4, page 122.)

[This problem was discussed in December 2001 and January 2002 by Cris Nash, Rosie Bevan and Brice Clagett. Tony Ingham provided the evidence establishing Margaret's parentage in February 2002.
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