Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 4: Despenser (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)


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Volume 4, page 291:
She [Margery, daughter of Sir Philip le Despenser (d. 1424)] m., 2ndly (pardon for marrying without the King's lic., 25 June 1423, for a fine of £1,000), secretly, and afterwards at Hemingborough, co. York, Roger WENTWORTHE, a yr. s. of John WENTWORTHE, of North Elmsall in that co. ... He d. 24 Oct. 1445 [sic, should be 1452 or later].(h) Will dat. at Nettlestead, 5 June 1452, no probate. She d. 20 Apr. 1478.
Note h:
"Rogerus Wentworth'." Writ of diem cl. ext. 16 Oct. 4 Edw. IV. Inq., Suffolk, Thursday after All Saints [8 Nov.] 1464. "Et eciam dicunt juratores predicti quod predictus Rogerus obiit vicesimo quarto die Octobris anno regni Regis Henrici sexti nuper de facto et non de jure Regis Anglie vicesimo quarto ..." (Ch. Inq. p. m., Edw. IV, file 15, no. 63).

Cris Nash, in December 2001, pointed out a statement that he died 21 October 1452 [citing Harleian Society, new series vol. 2, pp. 162-65 (1981)].

[This question was also discussed by Paul Reed.]