Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 6: Grey of Ruthin (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)

GREY (of Ruthin)

Volume 6, page 151:
SIR ROGER DE GREY, of Ruthin, co. Denbigh [etc] yr. s. of Sir John DE GREY, of Ruthin, Wilton-on-the-Wye, &c. [LORD GREY of Wilton].

Roger appears to have been the son of John de Grey by his wife Maud, apparently the daughter of John de Verdun [Grey (of Wilton or of Shirland), vol. 6, p. 174].

Volume 6, page 159 (as modified by volume 14):
He [Sir John Grey (d. 1439)] m., before 24 Feb. 1412/3,(d) Constance, da. of John (DE HOLAND), DUKE OF EXETER, by Elizabeth, 2nd da. of John of Gaunt, DUKE OF LANCASTER.
Note d:
Close Roll, 14 Hen. IV, m. 4d.

Constance was the widow of Thomas (de Mowbray), Earl of Norfolk etc. (ex. 1405) [Complete Peerage, vol. 9, p. 605].

Douglas Richardson, in April 2003, presented evidence that Constance's marriage to Sir John Grey had taken place by Trinity term, 11 Henry IV (1410) [citing a paraphrase in Prof. D. J. Seipp's online database of Year Books, Seipp Number 1410.070].

[Item last updated: 15 June 2003.]

Volume 6, page 159:
She [Constance, the wife of Sir John Grey (d. 1439)] d. 12 or 14 Nov. 1437, and was bur. in the Church of St. Katherine by the Tower. He d. v.p., 27 Aug. 1439.

According to Anne Crawford, Household Books of John Howard 1462-1471, 1481-1483 (1992), Sir John remarried, probably late in 1438, to Margaret, widow of Sir Robert Howard and daughter of Thomas (de Mowbray), Duke of Norfolk. She was referred to as Lady Margaret Grey, mother of John Howard, in a household list from around 1455, and died in 1459.

[This evidence was posted by Douglas Richardson in June 2003, and further details were provided by Brad Verity.
Item last updated: 18 July 2003.]