Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 6: Grey of Wilton (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)

GREY (of Wilton or of Shirland)

Volume 6, page 174:
He [John (de Grey), Lord Grey (of Wilton) (d. 1323)] m., 1stly (it is said), Anne, da. of Sir William DE FERRERS, of Groby, co. Leicester, by his 1st wife, Anne, da. of Sir Hugh LE DESPENSER, of Ryhall, Rutland, Loughborough, co. Leicester, Parlington, co. York, &c. He m., 2ndly, Maud, who is said to have been da. of Sir Ralph BASSET, of Drayton, co. Stafford, by Margaret, da. of Sir Roger DE SOMERY, of Dudley, co. Worcester.

Douglas Richardson, in January 2002, provided evidence that John's wife in 1277 was called Maud, and suggested that she was the daughter of John de Verdun (d. 1274), by his second wife Eleanor, who was apparently a Bohun [citing Essex Feet of Fines, vol. 2, p. 13, a fine by which Eleanor settled lands in Debden, Essex, on John and Maud, in Trinity Term, 5 Edward I]. He also pointed out that Blore [History and Antiquities of the County of Rutland, pp. 164, 165 (1811)] identifies a wife of John de Grey as "Matilda, daughter of John de Verdun".

The evidence suggests further that Maud was the mother of John's sons Henry and Roger (who later disputed the manor of Weldebernes, in Debden [citing Index of Placita de Banco, 1327-1328, part 1, p. 143 (P.R.O. Lists and Indexes, no 32)]) and his daughter Joan (whose daughter Margaret was found to be related in the fourth degree to her husband John de Bohun, Earl of Hereford and Essex (d. 1335/6) [citing Calendar of Papal Letters, vol. 2, p. 349]).

Volume 6, page 175:
HENRY (DE GREY), LORD GREY (of Wilton), s. and h., [of John (de Grey), Lord Grey (of Wilton) (d. 1323)] b. 28 Oct. 1281 or 1282.

Henry appears to have been the son of John de Grey by his wife Maud, apparently the daughter of John de Verdun [see above, p. 174].

Volume 6, page 178:
He [Richard (Grey), Lord Grey (d. 1442)] m., 1stly (it is said), Blanche, da. and coh. of Sir Philip DE LA VACHE, by Elizabeth, da. of Sir Lewis CLIFFORD.

Volume 14 corrects the account of Grey of Wilton to show that Maud, the wife of Richard's grandfather Reynold (d. 1370), was apparently the daughter of Sir Richard de la Vache. Douglas Richardson, in June 2002, pointed out that the identity of Blanche is unknown, and that Richard had in 1403 been contracted to marry Maud le Scrope [citing Sir N.H. Nicolas, The Controversy between Sir Richard Scrope and Sir Robert Grosvenor, vol. 2, pp. 58-59 (1832)].