Some useful links

This is just a small selection of web sites that can be useful to the genealogist.
For particular families, places or subjects, several of the genealogy sites below have classified lists of links to web pages and specialised search engines.

Medieval source material on the internet, Medieval English families on the internet and links and bibliography for heraldry are listed on separate pages


Internet search engines and archives

Most internet users have their favourite search engines. One of the most comprehensive is

which also includes useful facilities like the ability to search for links to a specified page, and provides cached copies of web pages it has indexed - useful if a page has recently disappeared or been removed!

As well as its main index to the Internet, Google also provides several useful specialist search facilities:

A very extensive archive of web pages covering the past few years, perfect for tracking down copies of web pages that have disappeared, is:

Some other search engines with extensive coverage are:

Some genealogy websites

Some genealogical databases

Many extensive databases are available on the internet, and they can provide a quick and convenient means of reference. However, they should be used with great caution, as they are often based on older secondary sources, which may have been poorly researched or superseded by subsequent research. The reliability of the information can be difficult to check, as many databases do not cite their sources. The following is just a small selection:

Some online library catalogues

Some record repositories and official bodies

Some societies and scholarly organisations

Some specialist sellers of books and manuscripts

Some online maps and gazetteers

A few sources for non-English medieval genealogy

Of course, medieval genealogy outside England is a huge subject. But I thought I'd add a few links here to useful online resources, as much for my own convenience as anything: