Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 8: March (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)

MARCH [England]

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Volume 8, page 441:
He [Roger de Mortimer, later Earl of March (d. 1330)] m., before 6 Oct. 1306,(c) Joan, da. and h. of Piers DE GENEVILLE, by Joan or Jehanne, widow of Bernard-Ezy I, SIRE D'ALBRET in Gascony, and da. and eventually coh. of Hugue XII, COUNT OF LA MARCHE AND ANGOULÊME, by Jehanne, da. and h. of Raoul, SEIGNEUR DE FOUGÈRES in Brittany.
Note c:
Cal. Patent Rolls, 1301-7, p. 462.

The date of Roger's marriage to Joan is given as 20 September 1301 in a Wigmore chronicle, and the year is confirmed by the Chronicon Laudunense [G. A. Holmes, The Estates of the Higher Nobility in Fourteenth-Century England (1957), p. 11, note 5, citing John Rylands Library, Latin MS 215, f. 8 (transcribed in B. P. Evans's unpublished Ph. D. thesis, The Family of Mortimer) and British Library, Cotton Nero A IV, f. 49v]. Ian Mortimer [Greatest Traitor: The Life of Sir Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March, Ruler of England 1327-1330 (2003), p. 14] adds that Roger and Joan were married at Pembridge [Herefordshire] [citing the same source] and suggests that they had been betrothed by 3 May 1300, when Edmund Mortimer mortgaged several manors to Joan's grandfather Sir Geoffrey [citing Calendar of Inquisitions post mortem Edward I, vol. 4, p. 161].

[Ian Mortimer's work was cited by John Steele Gordon and by Nichol in June 2003. This question was also discussed by Brad Verity and Paul Reed. Thanks to Ian Mortimer for pointing out the earlier work of Holmes based on the same evidence.
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