Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 8: March

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MARCH [England]

Volume 8, page 441:
He [Roger de Mortimer, Earl of March (d. 1330)] was bur. in the Church of the Grey Friars at Shrewsbury.(g)
Note g:
According to the usual account (Murimuth, p. 62, &c.), he was bur. at the Grey Friars, London, and transferred to Wigmore Abbey. But the annalist of Wigmore (Mon., vol. vi, p. 352) states that "ad fratres minores Salopie in honore tumulatum," and mentions no transfer to Wigmore. The Chron. of the Grey Friars of London (p. 4) says nothing about his burial.

An undated petition to the king by Roger's widow [P.R.O., SC 8/61, no 3027], seeking the reburial of his body at Wigmore, states that it was then in the keeping of the Grey Friars of Coventry ("ffreres menours de Couentre"), and a subscription indicates that the body was to remain in peace. This suggests the body was buried at Coventry, not Shrewsbury or London, and remained there.

[This evidence was presented by Carenza Lewis in a BBC TV programme, "House Detectives", broadcast in March 2002. I am grateful to Elizabeth Semper O'Keefe, of Herefordshire Record Office, for providing the reference for the petition.]