Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 11: Shrewsbury (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)


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Volume 11, pages 682, 683:
ROGER I DE MONTGOMERY, seigneur of Montgomery and vicomte of the Hiesmois ... Between 1028 and 1035 he restored to the abbey of Jumièges a market at Vimoutiers, near Montgomery, of which he had deprived the monks.(d) ... He m. Josceline, a niece of the duchess Gunnor.(c) The date of his death is uncertain.(d)
Page 682, note d:
Vernier, Chartes de l'Abbaye de Jumièges (Soc. Hist. Norm.), vol. i, p. 43, from the original. It is witnessed by Hugh, the grantor's son; Vernier wrongly attributes it to Roger II.
Page 683, note c:
Robert de Torigny in his continuation of William de Jumièges (bk. viii, c. 35 - ed. Marx, p. 321) makes the mother of Roger II de Montgomery to be Josceline, da. of Wevie, a sister of Gunnor; in c. 37 he states Wevie's husband to have been Osbern de Bolbec. He calls Josceline's husband Hugh de Montgomery, but the father of Roger II was undoubtedly named Roger. ... the statement as to Josceline is in part corroborated by Ives, bishop of Chartres. In a letter of the year 1114 to Henry I (Rec. des Hist. de France, vol. xv, p. 167) he points out that a projected marriage between a natural daughter of the King and Hugh, son of Gervase de Châteauneuf, would be invalid on the ground of consanguinity. He traces Hugh's pedigree as follows: Senfrie, sister of Gunnor, had a daughter Josceline, the mother of Roger de Montgomery, who had a daughter Mabel married to Gervase de Châteauneuf, by whom she was the mother of Hugh. ... Taken as a whole the evidence seems to show that Roger I's wife was Josceline, a niece of Gunnor.
Note d (and continuation on p. 684):
Orderic, interpolating William de Jumièges (bk. vii, c. 2 - ed. Marx, p. 156), gives Roger five sons; Hugh, Robert, Roger, William and Gilbert.

Elizabeth van Houts suggested that Josceline, a niece of Gunnor, was indeed married to a Hugh de Montgomery, but that they were parents of Roger I de Montgomery, Robert de Torigny having confused Roger I with Roger II [C. Harper-Bill et al., eds, Studies in Medieval History presented to R. Allen Brown, pp. 215-233 [1989]].

[Todd Farmerie, in July 1999, summarised recent discussions of the early Montgomerys.]

Volume 11, page 701:
[John (Talbot), later Earl of Shrewsbury (d. 1453), was] godfather to Elizabeth of York, Rouen, 22 Sep. 1444

On the date of Elizabeth's birth, see Suffolk, volume 12, part 1, page 450.

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Volume 11, page 702:
He [John (Talbot), later Earl of Shrewsbury (d. 1453)] m., 1stly, before 12 Mar. 1406/7, Maud, according to modern doctrine suo jure BARONESS FURNIVALLE, elder da. of Thomas (NEVILLE), LORD FURNIVALLE, and only child and h. of (his 1st wife) Joan, according to modern doctrine suo jure BARONESS FURNIVALLE, only da. and h. of William (DE FURNIVALLE), LORD FURNIVALLE.

Douglas Richardson, in May 2003, pointed out evidence that John and Maud were married by 8 March 1406/7, when they were involved in a suit concerning Furnival's Inn, in the parish of St Andrew Holborn, London [citing A. H. Thomas, Select Pleas and Memoranda of the City of London, A.D. 1381-1412, p. 279 (1932)].

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