Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 12, Part 1: Strange of Knokyn (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)


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Volume 12, part 1, page 355:
He [Richard (Lestrange), Lord Strange (d. 1449)], m., 1stly, after 9 Oct. 1408, Joan alias Constance, said to be da. of LORD DE GREY.(n) She d. on or after 28 Mar. 1438.(o)
Note n:
On 9 Oct. 1408 a Papal dispensation was granted for Richard Lord Strange and Joan, damsel, da, of the Lord le (sic) Grey, to contract marriage, they having the consent and their parents and other magnates, for the conservation of peace and concord in the realm, Richard being a kinsman of Henry, Prince of Wales, and for the union and conservation of the family estates, although they were related in the third and third degrees of kindred (Cal. Papal Letters, 1404-15, p. 140). In a Papal licence of 6 Apr. 1413 Richard's wife is called Joan alias Constance, noblewoman (Idem, pp. 345, 387).
Note o:
The date of her will, wherein as Constance, Lady Strange, she refers to her husband, Richard Lestrange, Lord of Knockin and Mohun, and her cousins the Lord Talbot and the Lady Joyce Tiptoft (Nicolas, Test. Vet. p. 235).

The identity of "Joan alias Constance" remains uncertain. In addition to the cousins mentioned in the Testamenta Vetusta abstract, her will mentions her kinswoman the abbess of Polesworth [Bennet Prede or Pryde] and her kinsman Sir Thomas Lye [P.R.O. PROB 11/3, f.194]. According to the dispensation entry, the parties were of the dioceses of Lichfield and Lincoln. Presumably it was Richard who was of the diocese of Lichfield, although Knockin itself is in the diocese of St Asaph.

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