Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 12, Part 1: Strange of Knokyn


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Volume 12, part 1, page 351, note c:
Hamon [a younger son of John Lestrange III (d.1269)], who was sheriff of Hants, was granted Chawton in that county in fee before 30 Dec. 1271 (Cal. Charter Rolls, vol. ii, p. 178) ... Chawton passed to his br. Robert (Cal. Close Rolls, 1272-79, p. 203).

The Stranges held Chalton, not Chawton, in Hampshire [see Victoria County History, Hampshire, vol.3, p.104].

Volume 12, part 1, pages 352, 353 (as modified by volume 14):
In 1308 he [John (Lestrange) V, Lord Strange] obtained a licence to crenellate his house of Middle. He m. 1stly, between 13 Oct. 1275 and 1 June 1276, Alianore da. and h. of Eble DE MONTZ, Constable of Windsor Castle, by Joan, widow of Geoffrey DE CRAUCOMBE and before this of Stephen DE SOMERY, perhaps da. of (___) DE BECHE. She d. before 14 Aug. 1282. He m., 2ndly Maud, widow of John DE STRADLING, or STRUTTELINGAS (d. shortly before Feb. 1282/3), da. and h. of John DE WALTON, of Little Wellesbourne and Walton Deyville, co. Warwick (d. before 28 Dec. 1277), by his wife Isabel(k). He d. on or before 8 Aug. 1309...
Page 352, note k:
C. L'Estrange Ewen, Observations on the Stranges, 1946, pp. 4-8; V.C.H. Warwicks, vol. v, pp. 195-6; Warwicks. Feet of Fines, Dugdale Soc., 1284-1345, no. 1093, ex inform. W.G. Davis.

Volume 12, part 1, page 353:
JOHN (LESTRANGE) VI, LORD STRANGE, s. and h., aged 27 at his father's death.

John VI must have been John V's son by his first wife Alianore, as he had a younger brother Eble, evidently named after Alianore's father [C. L'Estrange Ewen, op. cit.]. The statement above that Alianore was dead by 14 August 1282 appears to be the result of a misinterpretation by L'Estrange Ewen of the inquisition post mortem of her mother Joan, which states only that no heir was found because she had held only in dower [Calendar of Inquisitions post mortem, vol. 2, no 424 (p. 243)]. Indeed, if Alianore's son John VI was born c. 1282 and she had later issue, she must have lived longer.

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