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These web pages are designed to provide some useful resources, mainly for those tracing medieval English genealogy. The dates covered extend up to about 1600. Some Welsh (and a little Scottish and Irish) material is also included.

Please note that these pages are the work of an amateur enthusiast, not a professional genealogist or historian. I have not aspired to academic standards of completeness or consistency in the material. It is, however, intended to be as clear and accurate as possible, and I shall be grateful for details of any errors or omissions, however small.

To the best of my knowledge, the material on this web site taken from other sources is either out of copyright in the United Kingdom, or else used with the copyright-holder's permission. The original material on these pages is the copyright of the author, and should not be copied without permission (although of course links to it are very welcome).

Data protection. This website does not use cookies and does not record any personal information about visitors. I maintain a small mailing list containing the names and email addresses of people who have asked to receive an email notification when the site is updated. This information is not used for any other purpose and will not be shared with anyone else. If anyone wishes me to remove their details from the mailing list I shall do so on request.

These pages are essentially text-based, and their aim is to convey information through words rather than pictures. I have, however, added a little decoration to prevent them from appearing positively offputting by comparison with most web sites. The illustrations come from Cronicques et Conquestes de Charlemaine: reproduction des 105 miniatures de Jean le Tavernier, d'Audenarde (1460), by J. van den Gheyn (Brussels, 1909). In compensation for the relatively small number of illustrations, I hope that the pages will download reasonably quickly, rather than - as the authors of the Local History Magazine web site put it - giving you 'time to paint the kitchen before the next page loads'. Those of a ghoulish turn of mind who want more pictures can visit the collection of Medieval Macabre art, which also has links to other collections of images.

The pedigrees of the Argentein, Alington and Skipwith families are an attempt to represent the traditional "drop line" pedigree format by using HTML, in conjunction with style sheets to control line- and character-spacing. I hope the results are at least comprehensible on most browsers, but they are seen to best advantage using either Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 4 and higher, or Netscape version 6 (earlier versions of Netscape do not allow control of character spacing, and also appear not to render closely spaced lines correctly when scrolling).

A wonderful range of free utilities is available to those who maintain web sites. I am grateful for the following:

I am fortunate in having access to an unparalleled range of libraries and record repositories in London, and am grateful to the staff of these, particularly the London Library, the Public Record Office, the Society of Genealogists, the Guildhall Library, the British Library and the College of Arms.

I have also benefited from reading the discussions of the GEN-MEDIEVAL/soc.genealogy.medieval internet mailing list/newsgroup. I am grateful to all those who have provided useful information, either to me personally, or to the group, particularly
Kay Allen, Stephen Alsford, Barbarann K. Ayars, Sally Badham, Robert Barnes, Chris Bartlett, Le Bateman, Robert Battle, Karen Baxter, Michael Beddow, Brent J. Belnap, David Bethell, Rosie Bevan, Chan Billeter, Alan Birdsall, Andy Boddington, Richard Borthwick, Kevin Bradford, Hal Bradley, John Brandon, Charlie Brook, Jack K. Brown, Emmett L. Butler, Ian Cairns, Bruce Carpenter, Mardi Carter, Richard Cassidy, Adrian Channing, Mike Clifford, Peter Cockerill, Bob Coggeshall, Christopher Colson, Barbara Cox, Rory Cunningham, Paul Davis, Philip Davis, Charlotte Dikken, Keith Dixon, Suzanne Doig, Tim Doyle, Rick Eaton, Joe Edwards, Todd Farmerie, Steve Farrington, Adrian Finch, Phil Finnimore, Colin Flight, David Ford, Peter Freeman, BarBara Fricke, Bridget Wells-Furby, Mike Gallafent, Peter Garwood, Chris Gilbert, Barry Ginn, Barbara Griffiths, Keith Griffiths, Roz Griston*, J.C.Halbrooks, Dale Halliday, Paul Halsall, Peter Hammond, Kristopher Harper, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, John Hebden, David Hepworth, Douglas Hickling, John Higgins, Barry E. Hinman, Tony Hoskins, Matthew Hovius, Peter G R Howarth, Francis Howcutt, Mary Hughes, Maryann L. Hurt, Linda Jack, Ken Jacob, Carole Johnson, William Johnston, David Judd, Debbie Kennett, Brad Kidd, Mary Kifissia, Dave King, Nick Kingsley, Gordon Kirkemo, Andrew Lancaster, Kelly Leighton, Rosemary Lockie, Howard Loomis, Paul Luscombe, Tim Powys-Lybbe, Andi MacDonald, Jenny McGrail, Nancy McLaughlin, Al Magary, Leslie Mahler, Peter Marrow, John Matthews, Vance Mead, Andrew Millard, Bruce R. Montague, Ian Mortimer, Julian Munby, Lynn Nelson, Mike Newberry, Chris Oldman, Eldon Olson, Theresa Opel, Leo van de Pas, Pat Patterson, Ian Payne, Kevin Penhallow, Dewayne E. Perry, Angela Petyt, Concetta Phillipps, Jim Phillips, Alexander Polenov, Luke Potter, Rafal Prinke, Jason Quick, John P. Ravilious, Michael Andrews-Reading, Karen Repko, Susan Rhoads, Philip Richards, Douglas Richardson, Ruth E. Richardson, Saba Risaluddin, Marilyn Roberts, James P. Robinson III, Ian Rogers, Christof Rolker, Chris Saville, Kevin Scargill, Jim Seymour, Diane Sheppard, Renia Simmonds, Sue Simonich, Christopher Singleton, Charlotte Smith, Sandra Smith, Louise Staley, Mike Strange, Henry Sutliff, Janelle Swearingen, Marc Szwajcer, Nat Taylor, Doug Thompson, Rob Thompson, Alex Thorne, Bob Thornton, Chris and Tom Tinney, Sr, Matt Tompkins, Stephen Tonge, Kim Z. Travis, Diana Trenchard, Dave Utzinger, Brad Verity, Guy Vincent, Ginny Wagner, Andrew Waller, Annie Natalelli-Waloszek, Graham Ward, Peter D. A. Warwick, John Watson, Mike Welch, Gunnar A. Welle, John Wells, Judith Werner, Vickie Elam White, Morgan Wilkinson, Anne Wiltshire, Colin Blanshard Withers, C. E. Wood and Dolly Ziegler.
*I'm particularly grateful to Roz Griston, who has sent me details of dozens of pertinent web sites.

Chris Phillips