Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 2: Brewose


Volume 2, page 308:
SIR THOMAS DE BREWOSE or BREOUSE, of Manningford Bruce, Wilts, Tetbury, co. Gloucester, Werthorpe, co. York, Chesworth, Sedgwick, and Bidlington, Sussex, Bookham and Bramley, Surrey ... [d. 1361]

He was among those who, on 20 July 1322, were to be delivered to the sheriff of Yorkshire to be kept in prison for adhering to the [Earl of Lancaster's] rebels. On 30 October, he was ordered to be delivered to Ralph de Cobham, who had stood bail for him [Calendar of Close Rolls, 1318-1323, pp. 580, 603].

Henry Tyeys, one of the leading rebels, had been Thomas's guardian in 1316 [Calendar of Patent Rolls, 1313-1317, p. 499]. Ralph de Cobham was the husband of Thomas's sister Mary [Complete Peerage, vol. 9, p. 598].

[This addition was provided by Paul Mackenzie in June 2004.
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