Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 3: Conyers


Volume 3, page 404:
He [William Conyers, Lord Conyers (d. 1524)] m. 2ndly, Anne, da. of Ralph (NEVILL), 3rd EARL OF WESTMORLAND, by Margaret, da. of Roger BOOTH.

William's marriage to Anne took place after 11 November 1494, when "the ladie Anne Nevyll, doughter to therll of Westmerlond" is recorded among the maidens at a tournament [J. Gairdner, ed., Letters and papers illustrative of the reigns of Richard III. and Henry VII, vol. 1, pp. 395, 398]. Ralph Nevill's wife was named Isabel, not Margaret [44th Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records, Appendix, p. 528 (1883); Calendar of Patent Rolls, 1476-85, p. 14]. (Dugdale [Baronage, vol. 1, p. 300] erroneously called her Margaret, citing Ralph Brooke's Catalogue of Nobility.) Her given parentage is based on much later secondary sources [Dugdale, loc. cit.; Ormerod, History of Cheshire, vol. 1, p. 745; Joseph Foster, Pedigrees recorded at the visitations of the county palatine of Durham ... p. 31 (1887)].

[The evidence limiting the date of the marriage was posted by David MacDougall in August 2004. The references relating to Ralph Nevill's wife are given in the Complete Peerage article on Westmorland [vol. 12, part 2, p. 551.
Item last updated 26 August 2004.]

Volume 3, page 404:
CHRISTOPHER (CONYERS), LORD CONYERS, s. and h. [of William (Conyers), Lord Conyers (d. 1524)]

According to the pedigree of Conyers in the visitation of the northern counties in 1530 - and in later visitation pedigrees (Northern counties, 1552, and Yorkshire, 1563, 1564) - Christopher's mother was Anne (Neville), the daughter of Ralph, Earl of Westmorland. His father's marriage to Mary le Scrope is not shown in these pedigrees [Surtees Society, vol. 41, p. 29 (1863); vol. 122, p. 51 (1912); Harleian Society, vol. 16, p. 73 (1881)].

[This evidence was posted by Douglas Richardson in October 2001. The question was also discussed by Paul Reed.
Item last updated: 30 March 2004.]