Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 5: Felton


Volume 5, page 294:
SIR WILLIAM DE FELTON, of Edlingham, West Matfen, and Nafferton, Northumberland, Medomsley and Hamsterley, co. Durham, and Boddington, Northants, sometime Constable of Roxburgh castle ... d. 21 Sep. 1358.(e) Will, directing his burial to be in the Church of St. John the Baptist at Edlingham, dated Monday before the Nativity of the Virgin [3 Sep.] 1358.
Note e:
... Inq., Northumberland, Wednesday the vigil of All Saints [31 Oct.] 1358. "Item dicunt quod idem Willelmus obiit xxj die Septembris ultimo preterito Et dicunt quod Willelmus de Felton' miles filius predicti Willelmi est heres predicti Willelmi propinquior et est etatis triginta annorum et amplius." (Ch. Inq. p. m., Edw. III, file 140, no. 11). Inq., Durham, Monday after St. Peter in cathedra, 15 Hatfield [24 Feb. 1359/60]. Heir, as before, aged 21. (Durham Cursitors' Records, no. 2, f. 61).

Sir William de Felton married twice.

His first wife, whose name is unknown, appears to have been a daughter of Sir Thomas de Grey of Heton (d. 1343/4) (see Heron, vol. 6, p. 486). Their children were:

Sir William married, secondly, Isabel, daughter and heir of Duncan, earl of Fife (d. 1353) (see Fife, volume 5, pages 374, 375). The children of this second marriage were:

Isabel survived William, being named as an executor in his will. For her later history, see Fife, volume 5, pages 374, 375.

[Rosie Bevan provided the evidence for William's first marriage in April 2002, and Douglas Richardson that for his second marriage in March 2002; both also made further contributions to the following discussion.]