Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 2: Browne (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)


Volume 2, page 346:
He [George Browne, Earl of [?Browne] in the Jacobite Peerage] d. s.p., 11 Oct. 1729, at Paris.

Timothy Petroff, in May 2003, pointed out that he died in Pavia, Italy, according to C. J. Duffy, The Wild Goose and the Eagle: a life of Marshal von Browne, 1705-1757, p. 18 (1964).

[Item last updated: 18 July 2003.]

Volume 2, page 346, note c:
In The Jacobite Peerage, (p. 23) following previous accounts, he [George Browne (d. 1729)] is made father of the famous Russian Field Marshal, George, 1st Count von Browne [H.R.E. 1779], b. 15 June 1698, son of George Browne, of Camus.

Timothy Petroff, in May 2003, provided evidence that these men were not father and son, but second cousins, both great grandsons of William Browne, who married Ellen O'Morchoe [citing Burke's General Armory, p. 133 (1884), and Pedigrees VI, 106-108, February 26, 1725, Genealogical Office, Dublin].

[Adrian Channing, in November 2002, had also confirmed that the men were not father and son.
Item last updated: 18 July 2003.]

Volume 2, page 346:
ULYSSES (BROWNE), EARL OF BROWNE [I.] [in the Jacobite Peerage], and COUNT VON BROWNE [H.R.E.] ... d. Sep. 1731, at Frankfort-on-Main, aged 72.

Timothy Petroff, in May 2003, supplied further details, as follows. Ulysses married, 24 January 1699, Annabella Fitzgerald a daughter of the house of Desmond, then aged 21 or 22. Annabella survived him, and died c. 1747 [citing C. J. Duffy, op. cit., pp. 7, 272]. Their daughter, Barbara, died at Mantua, 16 September 1751, aged 51 [citing Pupillaria, Protokoll Band 2, p. 826, Kriegsarchiv, Wien], having married Baron Francis Patrick O'Neillan (Freiherr Franz Patric von O'Neillan), a Major General in the Austrian Service (57th Infantry Regiment) and Commander of the Citadel of Mantua, born at Dysert, County Clare, 4 October 1671 and died at Mantua, 3 October 1734 [citing F. Amadei, Cronica Universale della citta di Mantova, vol. 4, pp. 507, 508 (originally pub. 1754; edn of 1957); Baron Alphons von Wrede, Die Geschichte der k. und k. Wehrmacht, pp. 516-518]. The present Counts O'Neillan descend from this couple.

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Thanks to Teresa O'Neillan for pointing out the correct year of Francis Patrick O'Neillan's death.]