Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 2: Cambridge (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)

CAMBRIDGE (county of)

Volume 2, page 494:
RICHARD, styled "OF CONISBURGH," or "OF YORK," 2nd s. of Edmund, DUKE OF YORK and EARL OF CAMBRIDGE, by his 1st wife, Isabel, da. and coh. of PEDRO, KING OF CASTILE AND LEON, and br. to Edward, Duke of York and Earl of Cambridge last abovenamed, was b. at Conisburgh Castle, co. York, about 1375.

Brad Verity, in February 2003, quoted a suggestion by T. B. Pugh ["The Southampton Plot of 1415", pp. 62-89 in R. A. Griffiths and James Sherborne, eds, "Kings and Nobles in the Later Middle Ages" (1986)] that Richard was born at Conisborough castle, probably shortly before Richard II's arrival at York on 20 July 1385. Pugh also speculates that the child may have been fathered on the Duchess of York by John Holland, Earl of Huntingdon.

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