Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 5: Engaine (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)


Volume 5, chart pedigree near page 72:
Ralph de Chesney, of Rudham : 1086
[had a daughter] Sibyl, Lady of Rudham.
[who married] Robert Fitz Walter, of Horsford : 1130.

Farrer [Honors and Knights' Fees, vol. 3, pp. 314, 316] quotes conflicting statements about Sibyl's parentage, from the chronicle of Sibton Abbey [citing Monasticon, vol. 3, p. 636b; vol. 5, p. 559b] and Dugdale's notes of the chartulary of Coxford [citing Bodleian Library, Dugdale MS 39, ff. 103, 103d]. Both these accounts make Sibyl the sister of John de Chesney and the daughter of a Ralph de Chesney, but the former identifies this Ralph with one who "came at the conquest", whereas the latter gives two Ralphs, father and son. In Farrer's chart pedigree (p. 314) he shows Sibyl as the granddaughter of the Domesday tenant Ralph. As there seems to be no doubt that there were two Ralphs, and that John de Chesney was the son of the younger one, this seems to be correct.

[Item last updated: 16 March 2003.]

Volume 5, chart pedigree near page 72:
Viel Engaine, of Laxton and Pytchley, pater of Fulk de Lisures and of Richard Engaine : 1130.
[married] ....
[and had sons] Richard Engaine, of Laxton and Pytchley, pater of Richard Engaine : dead 1177.
[and] Fulk de Lisures, of Benefield and Abington : dead 1185.

K. S. B. Keats-Rohan [Domesday People, p. 366 (1999)] notes that the early Engaine pedigree has led to confusion in the past, and that Fulk de Lisures is described as both the son of Viel Engaine and the son of William de Lisures [citing W. T. Mellows, ed., Henry of Pytchley's Book of Fees, p. 130 (1927) and Monasticon, vol. 2, p. 602]. She proposes that Viel married firstly a daughter of William de Lisures (for part of whose lands he accounted in 1130), who was the mother of his son Fulk de Lisures, and that Viel married secondly a daughter of Fulk the sheriff, the mother of his son Richard Engaine.

[Keats-Rohan's proposed solution was pointed out in December 2002 by Roger Tansey.
Item last updated: 16 March 2003.]