Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 5: Ferrers of Chartley (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)


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Volume 5, page 324:
He [Sir Walter Devereux, Lord Ferrers (d. 1485)] m., 2ndly, Jane.

Rosie Bevan and Tony Ingham, in May 2002, posted evidence that Jane was the widow of Thomas Ilam, mercer and alderman of London [citing P.R.O. C 1/64/85]. The same identification was provided in July 2003 by Douglas Richardson [citing A. F. Sutton, Coronation of Richard III (1983), pp. 333, 334, who cited S. L. Thrupp, Merchant Class of Medieval London, 1300-1500 (1948), p. 350].

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