Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 5: FitzJohn (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)


Volume 5, page 433, note e:
He [John fitz Geoffrey (d. 1258)] had two sisters of the whole blood, (1) Cecily, wife of Savary de Bohun, of Midhurst (Curia Regis, roll no. 149, m. 21 d : Patent Roll, 25 Hen. III, m. 12); and (2) Hawise, to whom her [half-]brother, William, Earl of Essex, gave the manor of Streatley, Berks (Close Roll, 11 Hen. III, m. 14), and who was the 1st wife of Reynold de Mohun, of Dunster, Somerset

Douglas Richardson, in May 2000, produced evidence that in 1264 John fitz Geoffrey was referred to as his "avunculus" by Richard de la Rochelle [citing G.H. Orpen, Ireland under the Normans, vol. 3, p. 232 (1920)], and suggested that this Richard was identical with Richard Rochelle of Market Lavington, Wiltshire, son and heir of William Rochelle. If so, John must have had a sister who married William Rochelle.

Volume 5, page 437 (chart pedigree):

See above on p. 433, note e.