Some proposed corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 9: Norfolk (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)


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Volume 9, pages 577, 578:
He [Roger Bigod (d. 1107)] m., 1stly, Adelaide (Adelidis), whose parentage is unknown. He m., 2ndly, Alice, sister and coh. of William DE TOSNY, Lord of Belvoir, and da. of Robert DE TOSNY, Lord of Belvoir.(a)
Page 578, note a:
Hist. MSS. Com., Rutland MSS. (ed. Round), vol. iv, pp. 106-7, 157-8. Since she was living in 1136, this lady could not have been identical with Adelaide mentioned above, as the wording of William Bigod's charter proves that his mother was dead at the time. ...
Page 579:
WILLIAM BIGOD, elder s. and h.,(c) by 1st wife, ...

HUGH BIGOD, br. and h., presumably of the half-blood, b. perhaps circa 1095,(k) ...

Note c:
His affiliation is proved by his charter for Thetford: Ego Willielmus Bigot, dapifer regis Anglorum, pro remedio animarum patris mei Rogerii Bigot et matris meae Adelidis et pro salute mea et fratris mei Hugonis et sororum mearum (Dugdale, Mon., vol. v, pp. 148-9).
Note k:
William of Canterbury (Mat. for Hist. of Becket, Rolls Ser., vol. i, p. 491) calls him octogenarium illum Bigoth at the time of his surrender in 1174.

In the account above, the charter of William Bigod (d. 1120) is interpreted as implying that his mother predeceased him, and thus that Roger Bigod had two wives both called Adelaide/Alice. But Keats-Rohan considers the language to be inconclusive, and suggests that Roger had only one wife. She also refers to a charter of of the time of Henry I (therefore 1100 or later) of Roger and Adelisa for Rochester Priory, attested by their children William, Humphrey, Gunnor and Matilda; on the hypothesis of the Complete Peerage, this would imply that the first wife survived at least until 1100, despite the suggested birth date of around 1095 for Hugh, seen as a son of the second marriage [Prosopon, no 9 (1998); K.S.B. Keats-Rohan, Domesday People, p. 396 (1999)].

Volume 9, page 585:
Hugh [Bigod, Earl of Norfolk (d. 1176/7)] m., 2ndly, Gundred, apparently da. of Roger, EARL OF WARWICK, by Gundred, da. of William (DE WARENNE), EARL OF SURREY.

[I have removed my previous suggestion that the marriage took place by 1140, as this involves chronological difficulties.]

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Volume 9, page 600:
She [Margaret, Countess of Norfolk (d. 1398/9)] m., 1stly, in 1337 or 1338, John SEGRAVE [LORD SEGRAVE], who d. in 1353. She m., 2ndly, shortly before 30 May 1354, Walter MAUNY [LORD MAUNY], who d. in Jan. 1371/2.

Douglas Richardson, in April 2002, produced evidence that in June 1350 a matrimonial cause was to be heard between John and Margaret, in which she alleged that she had been contracted to him before she was of marriageable age. It appears that she had an alleged liaison with Walter as early as October 1350. In March 1351 the cause was being tried, but she seems to have been still married to John in November 1352 [citing Calendar of Papal Letters, vol. 4, pp. 381, 391; Calendar of Inquisitions Miscellaneous, vol. 3, p. 21; Register of Edward the Black Prince, vol. 4, p. 65].

Volume 9, page 605:
His widow [Constance, the widow of Thomas (de Mowbray), Earl of Norfolk (he d. 1405)], who was aged 4 in Oct. 1391, m., before 24 Feb. 1412/3, Sir John GREY, K.G., s. and h. ap. of Reynold, LORD GREY, of Ruthin, by whom she was mother of Edmund Grey, created Earl of Kent.

Douglas Richardson, in April 2003, presented evidence that Constance's marriage to Sir John Grey had taken place by Trinity term, 11 Henry IV (1410) [citing a paraphrase in Prof. D. J. Seipp's online database of Year Books, Seipp Number 1410.070].

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Volume 9, page 610, note d:
The coheirs [of Anne, suo jure Countess of Norfolk (d. 1481)] were the representatives of her great-grand-aunts, the two daughters of Thomas (de Mowbray), 1st Duke of Norfolk, whose seniority is not certainly known: MARGARET, who m. Sir Robert Howard, by whom she was mother of John, Lord Howard, cr. in 1483, Duke of Norfolk [and Isabel]

After Sir Robert's death, she appears to have remarried to Sir John Grey of Ruthin (d. 1439) (see Grey of Ruthin, volume 6, page 159).

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