Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 11: Saint Philibert


Volume 11, page 366:
He [Sir Hugh de Saint Philibert] married Alice -----, and d. 31 Dec. 1304.

Alice was the sister of Bennet de Blakenham, son and heir of Bennet de Blakenham, who on 20 October 1297 quitclaimed to Hugh and Alice, and to Alice's heirs, the manors of Eaton Hastings [Berkshire], Westwell [Oxfordshire], Tormarton and Southrop [Gloucestershire], and the advowsons of the church of Eaton Hastings and the chapel of Tormarton [Wiltshire Record Society, vol. 42, p. 159]. The younger Bennet was the elder Bennet's son by his wife Joan, daughter and heir of William de Hastings, through whom these manors came. Since Joan was married to Bennet about 1271 and they were both living in 1278, while Alice's son and heir proved his age in 1314, chronology suggests that Alice was a full sister of Bennet, and thus the daughter of the elder Bennet de Blakenham by Joan de Hastings [Victorian County History, Berkshire, vol. 4, p. 529; Gloucestershire, vol. 7, p. 130].

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