Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 11: Shrewsbury


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Volume 11, page 704, note e:
She [Katherine, daughter and coheir of Sir Edward Burnell] m., some time before 1430, as his 2nd wife, Sir John Radcliffe (see above) K.G., Seneschal of Aquitaine, Constable of Bordeaux (Ancestor, no. 8, p. 182).

Katherine's marriage to Sir John must have taken place after the death of his first wife, Cecily, in 1423, and before June 1426, when their dispute with William, Lord Lovell, over the Burnell estates began. They were probably married after Sir John's return to England in 1425 [Roskell et al., History of Parliament. The House of Commons 1386-1421, vol. 4, p. 157].

[The chronology of Sir John's marriages was discussed by John Higgins and Tim Powys-Lybbe in November 2003.
Item last updated: 12 November 2003.]

Volume 11, page 705:
He [John (Talbot), Earl of Shrewsbury] d. 10 July 1460, being slain (with his br. Sir Christopher Talbot) at the battle of Northampton, fighting on the Lancastrian side, ...

Sir Christopher Talbot did not die at the battle of Northampton in 1460, but was killed at 'Cawce' [Cause, in the parish of Westbury], Shropshire, 10 August 1443, by his man Griffin Vachan of Treflidian, being struck to the heart and slain with a lance [Calendar of Patent Rolls, 1441-1446, pp. 397, 398].

[This evidence was provided by Brad Verity in September 2004.
Item last updated 8 November 2004.]