Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 12, Part 2: Summary

Below are very brief summaries of the corrections and additions. Click on the links for more discussion, including details of contributors.


Volume 12, part 2, page 97:
Robert (Tybotot), Lord Tybotot (d. 1372):

Articles of agreement on his marriage to Margaret Deincourt were dated 30 April 1348, and she is called his wife in a lease dated 5 June 1348.


Volume 12, part 2, pages 104, 105 and note c:
Henry Tyeys (d.1322):

His widow, Margaret, remarried, by 1330, to Thomas de Monthermer (d.1340).


Volume 12, part 2, page 168, note g:
Hugh de Lacy, Earl of Ulster (d. 1242):

The William FitzAlan who married one of his sisters was the lord of Clun and Oswestry of that name, who died circa 1210.


Volume 12, part 2, page 197, note g, page 198 and notes c and d:
John de Uvedale (d. 1321/2):

His wife Isabel was not the daughter of Gilbert Etton by Alice, sister and coheir of Thomas de Titsey, and the earliest reference to her as his wife appears to be in 1318. He may have married previously Joan (d. before 24 March 1308), late the wife of Roger de Tany, for which marriage a licence was granted in 1303.


Volume 12, part 2, page 248 and note f:
John de Verdun (d. 1274):

[Further evidence supporting the identification of his second wife, Eleanor, as a Bohun, probably a daughter of Humphrey de Bohun, earl of Hereford (d. 1275). She was still living in 1277. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 12, part 2, page 250 and note c:
Theobald de Verdun (d. 1309):

[Evidence suggests that his wife, Margery, was the daughter of Humphrey de Bohun (d. 1265) and had previously been married to "Robert de W." Margery was dead by Michaelmas Term 1303. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 12, part 2, page 270, note d:
John, son of Richard (b. before 1056?):

[The estimates given for the age of his daughter Agnes in 1185 must be significant underestimates. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 12, part 2, page 274 and note d:
Eustace FitzJohn (d. 1157):

Evidence about the date of death of his son Richard.

Volume 12, part 2, page 275 and note d:
William de Vescy (d. 1183):

[He is said to have had a first wife Agnes, by whom he had two daughters. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 12, part 2, page 283:
John de Vescy (d. 1295):

He was married to Clemence at Westminster on 16 July 1290, having apparently been betrothed to her by February 1289/90; she has been identified as a daughter of Henry, Count of Avaugour in Brittany, by his wife Mary de Beaumont.


Volume 12, part 2, page 302 and note c (as modified by volume 14):
John Wake (d. 1300):

He was married to Joan, and had at least two children by her, by 1290; further comments on her identification as a daughter of William de Fiennes (d. 1302) by Blanche, daughter of John of Brienne (d. 1296).


Volume 12, part 2, page 362 and note d:
Roger, Earl of Warwick (d. 1153):

The marriage contract of his daughter Agnes to a Geoffrey de Clinton has been dated to between November 1137 and December 1138, and the husband identified as Geoffrey de Clinton the younger (d. c. 1175)

Volume 12, part 2, pages 363-365 and notes:
Waleran, Earl of Warwick (d. 1203[?]), his son Henry and his grandson Thomas:

Corrected reconstruction in which Waleran's first wife was Margery, the daughter of Henry de Oilly by his wife Maud de Bohun (who was the daughter of Humphrey de Bohun (d. 1165)), and Philippe Basset was the only wife of Henry, and the mother of Thomas.


Volume 12, part 2, page 437 and note e:
Robert de Welle (died before Michaelmas 1206):

It was a different Robert de Welles who farmed the Honor of Haughley; minor corrections to pipe roll appearances.

Volume 12, part 2, page 441 and note g:
John (de Welle), Lord Welles (d. 1361):

[Supporting evidence for the identification of his wife, Maud. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 12, part 2, pages 442, 443 and notes:
John (de Welle, afterwards Welles), Lord Welles (d. 1421):

[He was married to Eleanor de Mowbray by 1369. She may have been born earlier than the year given, 1364. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 12, part 2, page 443 and note b:
John (de Welle, afterwards Welles), Lord Welles (d. 1421):

[There is evidence that his second wife, Margery, held half the advowson of Saltfleetby St Peter, Lincolnshire, and that she died in or before 4 Henry VI [1425 or 1426]. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 12, part 2, page 446:
Joan Willoughby, first wife of Richard de Welles, Lord Willoughby (he died 1469/70):

She died 2 November 1461.

Volume 12, part 2, page 449, note g:
John (Welles), Lord Welles (d. 1498/9):

[Evidence that a marriage between his daughter Elizabeth and Thomas Stanley (later Earl of Derby) was being arranged in 1498, but Elizabeth died later in the year. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 12, part 2, page 550:
Ralph (Neville), Earl of Westmorland (d.1484):

Thomasine, the mother of his second wife, Margaret, is elsewhere stated to have been the daughter of Thomas Fauconer, London Mercer and Alderman.

Volume 12, part 2, page 553 and note b:
Ralph Neville, styled Lord Neville (d. 1498):

[His widow Edith does seem to have remarried to Thomas Darcy by 7 December 1499. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 12, part 2, page 658:
Robert de Willoughby (d. 1317):

[The accepted account of the ancestry of his wife, Margaret, involves difficulties; she may not have been the daughter of Sir Edmund Deincourt's wife, Isabel, as stated. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 12, part 2, page 660:
John (de Willoughby), Lord Willoughby (de Eresby) (d. 1372):

He was married to Cecily de Ufford by 18 August 1337.

Volume 12, part 2, page 663:
William (de Willoughby), Lord Willoughby (d. 1409):

[A licence was issued, 3 January 1382/3, for his first marriage, to take place at the oratory of Middle Castle, Shropshire. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 12, part 2, page 665:
Robert (de Willoughby), Lord Willoughby (d. 1452):

[Under FitzHugh is shown an earlier wife, Joan, daughter of Henry, Lord FitzHugh (d. 1424/5), by Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Sir Robert Grey. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 12, part 2, page 746, 747 and notes:
Saher de Quency (d. 1190):

[K.S.B. Keats-Rohan says that the father of his wife, Asceline, normally occurs as Pagan (Payn) Peverel, but is called Robert in one charter; she places her marriage to Saher in 1163. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 12, part 2, page 748, note g:
Saher de Quency IV, 1st Earl of Winchester (d. 1219):

There is no evidence that he had a brother Robert, and the husband of Hawise, suo jure Countess of Lincoln, was his eldest son, Robert.


Volume 12, part 2, page 936 and note j:
Alan la Zouche (d. 1314):

[Supporting evidence for his marriage to Eleanor, daughter of Sir Nicholas de Segrave. (PROPOSED)]

ZOUCHE or LA ZOUCHE (of Haryngworth)

Volume 12, part 2, page 940:
William (la Zouche), Lord Zouche (d. 1351/2):

[His wife's mother, Isabel du Bois, appears to have had a sister, who was the wife of Thomas Corbet of Hadley, Shropshire, (d. c. 1300). (PROPOSED)]

Volume 12, part 2, page 942 and note g:
William (la Zouche), Lord Zouche (d. 1382):

[His wife Elizabeth is stated to have died on 24 May, presumably in 1380. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 12, part 2, page 943 and note f:
William (la Zouche), Lord Zouche (d. 1396):

[Evidence confirming the identity of his first wife, Agnes. (PROPOSED)]