Narrative pedigree of the Argentein family, 11th to 15th centuries

I. David de Argentein, tenant in chief, 1086.

II. Reginald de Argentein (possibly son of David) died c.1130.
He married Matilda, who was living in 1130.

III. John de Argentein (son and heir of Reginald), living 1166.
He had issue:

IV. Reginald de Argentein (probably son and heir of John), died c.1203.
He married Isabel, who was living in 1203.
Reginald had issue:

V. Richard de Argentein (son and heir of Reginald), royal steward 1227, died 1246.
He married, firstly, Emma, daughter of Robert de Broy; she was living in 1200.
By Emma he had issue:

Richard married, secondly, c.1204, Cassandra, daughter of Robert de Insula.
By Cassandra he had issue:

VI. Giles de Argentein (son and heir of Richard by his second wife Cassandra), royal steward 1258-60, died 1282.
He married Margery, daughter and coheir of Robert Aguillon.
By Margery he had issue:

Giles also had issue:

VII. Reginald de Argentein (son and heir of Giles by his wife Margery), summoned to Parliament as a Baron 1283, 1297; died c.1308.
He married Lora, daughter of Hugh de Vere, 4th Earl of Oxford.
By Lora he had issue:

Reginald also had issue:

VIII. John de Argentein (son and heir of Reginald by his wife Lora), died c.1318.
He married, firstly, c.1302, Joan, daughter and heir of Roger Bryan.
By Joan he had issue:

John married, secondly, Agnes, daughter of William de Bereford.
(She married, secondly, John de Nerford and, thirdly, John Maltravers; she died in 1375.)
By Agnes he had issue:

IX. John de Argentein (son and heir of John by his second wife Agnes), born 1318; died 1382.
He married Margaret, daughter and heir of Robert Darcy; she died 1383.
By Margaret he had issue (his legitimate heirs):

By an unknown mother, John had an illegitimate son:

X. William Argentein (illegitimate son of John, and his successor in most of his estates), died 1419.
He married, firstly, Isabel, daughter of William de Kerdeston; living 1383.
He married, subsequently, after 1407, Margery, widow of John Hervey and [?]daughter of Ralph Parlys; she died 1427.
William had issue:

XI. John Argentein (son and heir of William), died in his father's lifetime.
He married Margery, daughter of William Calthorpe.
(She married, secondly, Walter Aslak; [?]she was living 1459.)
By Margery he had issue:

XII. John Argentein (son and heir of John by his wife Margery; succeeded his grandfather William in 1419) born c.1414; died 1420.
At his death, his two sisters Elizabeth and Joan were his coheirs.
After Joan's death without issue the whole of the Argentein estates passed, through Elizabeth, to the Alington family of Horseheath.