Pedigree of Foljambe, of Aldwarke Hall.

[From Joseph Foster, Pedigrees of the county families of Yorkshire, vol.1 (London, 1874). Many thanks to Barbarann K. Ayars for being kind enough to transcribe this lengthy pedigree. N.B. In common with many pedigrees of this period, the earlier parts of this work should be treated with caution - in particular, the first few generations give a typical legendary descent from Scandinavian royalty. From the 13th century onwards, a great deal of record evidence has obviously been incorporated in the pedigree, although some odd duplications suggest it has not always been correctly interpreted. Generally, the reliability of the data is likely to be greater in the later parts.]

Arms: Sa., on a bend between six escallops or an inescutcheon argent charged with a lion rampant azure. Crest: On a wreath a man's leg or jambe, couped at the thigh, armed and spurred, quarterly or and sa. Additional crests granted by Henry VIII.: 1. On a chapeau gu., turned up erm., a tiger statant arg., ducally gorged or. 2. On a wreath a calopus or chat-loup passant: quarterly or and sa., horned also quarterly of the same. (Sometimes borne as an antelope.) Supporters: Dexter, an antelope quarterly or and sa.; sinister, a tiger arg. ducally gorged or. Motto: Soies ferme esperance en Dieu. Badge: a sprig of oak ppr. fructed or. issuant from a crescent arg.

Regner Lodbrok, King of Denmark. [He had a son]

ERIC, King of Sweden, 30th son. [He had a son]

SWENO, younger son. [He had a son]

RAGNALD, came over to Normandy with Rollo. [He had a son]

WILLIAM, surnamed Niger. [He had a son]

ROBERT FITZNIGER. [He had a son]

GILBERT DE FOLESCHAMP, Vicecomes under the Earl of Eu. [He had a son]


GODFREY DE FOLESCHAMP, came to England with William The Conquerer.
= ....., daughter of Uchtred, Saxon Lord of Elton.
[They had a son]

Sir RAPHE DE FOLESCHAMP, Knt., Lord of Tideswell, Elton, &c., temp. Hen. 1.
= GUNDRED, daughter of Henry de Ferrars.
[They had a son]

GEFFREY DE FOLESCHAMP, Lord of Tideswell, 5 Steph., ob. 30 Hen. 2.
= MATILDA, daughter and heiress of Hasculfus Musard.
[They had a son]

HENRY FOLJAMB, Knt., Lord of Tideswell, temp. Rich. 1 and John, accompanied Richard 1 to the Holy Land.
= ELEANOR, daughter and heiress of Thomas Fitzherbert.
[They had a son]

JOHN FOLJAMB, Knt., of Tideswell and Wormhill, &c., in the High Peak, ob. 1249, buried at Tideswell.
= MARGARET, daughter of Geffrey Lutterell. [They had issue]

Sir THOMAS FOLJAMBE, Knt., of Tideswell and Wormhill, &c., 1272, (?)held 20 libratas terræ of the King in capite in the wapentake of Osgoldcross, co. York, 40 Henry 3 (see K. Inq. p.434), bailiff of ye king's forest, de campana (the High Peak), 1272/80, he was knight of the shire for co. Derby, ob. 17 January, 1282/3, aged 76, buried at Tideswell.
= MARGARET, daughter and co-heiress of ..... de Gernon, of Baukwell.
[They had issue]

Sir THOMAS FOLJAMBE, Knt., of Tideswell, Wormhill, Elton, &c, 16 Ed. 1, aged about 17 at his father's death, he was knight of ye shire for co. Derby 24/5 Ed. 1, ob. 25/6 Ed. 1, buried at Tideswell.
= CATHERINE, daughter of William le Eyr, of Hope, co. Derby.
[They had a son]

Sir THOMAS FOLJAMBE, Knt., of Tideswell, Wormhill, &c., 29 Ed 1, sometime knight of ye shire for co. Derby 30 Ed. 1 and 2/4/8 Ed. 2, ob. 17 Ed. 2, buried at Tideswell.
= ALICE, daughter and co-heiress of Gerard de Furnival.
[They had a son]

THOMAS FOLJAMBE (Knt.?), of Tideswell and Wormhill 1 Ed. 3, aged 42, 1 Ed. 3, knight of the shire for co Derby 3 Ed. 3.
= AVELINE, 1st wife.
= ALICE, daughter and co-heiress of ..... Darley, of Darley, co. Derby, 2nd wife.

[Thomas and Aveline had issue]

[Thomas and Alice had issue]

Sir GODFREY FOLJAMBE, Knt., knight of the shire for co. Derby 12/14 Ed. 3, and again 38/43/45 Ed. 3, mentioned in the entail of the Tideswell, Wormhill, Elton, Litton, Hucklow, &c., estates, after the issue male of his 3 elder half-brothers. He was Seneschal to John, Duke of Lancaster, and Baro Scaccarii 18 Ed. 3; of Darley, in co. Derby, 33 Ed. 3, 44 Ed. 3, ob 50 Ed. 3, aged 60, and was buried at Bakewell, where he had founded a chantry dedicated to the Holy Cross.
= ANNE, 1st wife.
= AVENA (2nd wife), daughter and heiress of Sir Thomas Ireland, of Hartshorne, Knt., by ....., daughter of Vilers.
[Sir Godfrey and Avena had issue]

THOMAS FOLJAMBE, of Walton, co. Derby, Esq., jure uxoris, 20 Rich. 2, mar. 1387/8, knight of the shire for co. Derby 14/15 Rich. 2.
= MARGARET, eldest daughter of Sir John Loudham, of Loudham, co., Notts., by Isabel, daughter and sole heiress of Sir Robert Breton (or de Brito), of Walton, co. Derby, Knt., and eventually co-heir of her brother, Sir John Loudham, who died s.p. She had Walton as her portion. Her sister, Isabel, married Sir Thomas Bekering, Knt., and had an only dau., Alice, married to Sir Thomas Rempstone.
[Thomas and Margaret had issue]

THOMAS FOLJAMBE, aged 40 (?50) 29 Hen. 6, then of Walton, Esq., succeeded in virtue of the ancient entail, on the failure of the male descendants of Thomas Foljambe (his great-grandfather), by his 1st wife, on the death of Roger Foljambe in 1447, to the ancient family estates and manors in Tideswell, Wormhill, Litton, Hucklow, Longsden, Elton, &c. He died 1451/2, buried at Chesterfield.
= JANE, daughter and heiress of Sir Thos. Ashton, Knt.
[They had issue]

HENRY FOLJAMBE, Esq., 2nd son, succeeded his brother as Lord of Walton, &c., 6/7 Ed. 4, married 1463, will dated 15 August, 2 Rich. 3, ob. 1503/4, aged 70, buried at Chesterfield.
= BENEDICTA, dau. of Sir William Vernon, of Nether Haddon, Knt.
[They had issue]

ROGER FOLJAMBE, of Linacre, Esq., 7th son, born 1488/9, mar., 1515, Helena, daughter and heiress of John Coke, Esq., survived and d. his widow. He d. 1528/9, buried in the vault at Chesterfield. [Roger had issue]

ROGER FOLJAMBE, of Linacre, Esq., 2nd son, born 1524, married, 1556, Mary, daughter and coheiress of Roger Columbell, Esq. He died ..... [He had issue]

GEORGE FOLJAMBE, of Higham, Esq., born 1560, mar., 1596, Gertrude, dau. of Sir Geo. Skipwith, d. 1623, buried in the vault at Chesterfield, 14 July, 1623. He died ..... [He had issue]

PETER FOLJAMBE, Esq., born 1599, of Steeton, 2nd son, aged 64 on 8 August, 1663, but eldest to survive, and, through the exertions of his father-in-law, established his claim to the family estates, as heir male, on the death of Sir Francis Foljambe, Bart., in 1640, but he only enjoyed the Steeton estates, &c., as the widow of Sir Francis Foljambe held Aldwarke for her life. He died 26 February, 1668/9, at Steeton, and was buried in the vault at Sherburn.
= JANE WOODROVE, eldest daughter and co-heiress of Ellis Woodrove, of Hope, co. Derby, Esq., was heir-general of the Foljambe family, and therefore, by right of descent heir to the Fitzwilliam estates, which, however, were enjoyed by Sir Francis Foljambe during his life, but her claims and her husband's were established at his death, by the exertions of her father. She was born in London, and baptized at St. Saviour's, Southwark, 23 January, 1622, married 19 September, 1642, and died at Steeton, 4 September, 1658, buried at Ledsham (in the chancel).
[They had issue]

FRANCIS FOLJAMBE, Esq., eldest son, born at Steeton, 25 February, 1644, of Aldwarke and Steeton, co. Ebor. He was educated at Cambridge, studied law at Inns of Court, married 17 September, 1668, died at Aldwarke, 15 May, 1707, and was buried in the family vault at Ecclesfield, 19 May, 1707.
= ELIZABETH, eldest daughter and co-heiress of George Mountaigne, of Westow, co. Ebor., Esq., by Mary, daughter of Sir Thomas Gower, of Stittenham, Bart., and grandson of Isaac Mountaigne, Esq., by Mary, daughter and heiress of Charles Woodrove. She was born at Westow, 25 July, 1647, died 12 September, 1703, buried in family vault at Ecclesfield, 5 September, 1702 (old style). [The descent of Mountaigne, given by Foster, is omitted here]
[They had issue]

[Some details given by Foster in the remainder of the pedigree, for the 18th century and later, are omitted here.]

FRANCIS FOLJAMBE Esq., of Aldwarke, 3rd but eldest surviving son, born 9 August, 1675, married 29 September, 1701, died 6 December, 1752, buried in vault at Ecclesfield, 11 December, 1752.
= MARY, only daughter and heiress of Thomas Worsley, of Hovingham, Esq. (Hovingham went to the male heir, but she inherited Hutton Ambo), buried at Ecclesfield, 11 January, 1736.
[They had issue]

ANNE FOLJAMBE, 6th daughter, but 2nd to survive, and eldest to leave issue, born 25 April, 1720, [.....] died 4 October, 1751. [.....]
= JOHN MOORE, of Kingston-upon-Hull, Esq., born 1715/16, descended in male line from the family of Percy of Beverley, married at Rawmarsh, 7 January, 1747/8, died 12 August, 1768. [The descent from Percy, given by Foster, is omitted here]
[They had a son]

FRANCIS FERRAND FOLJAMBE, Esq., only child, born 17 January, 1749/50, took the name and arms of Foljambe, by Act of Parliament, 16 Geo. 3, in pursuance of the wills of his grandfather and uncle, to whose estates at Aldwarke, Wadworth, Steeton, and Westow, co. Ebor., he succeeded, M.P. for Yorkshire 1784, sheriff of Yorkshire 1787, removed soon after to Osberton, which he inherited jure uxoris, as well as estates at Sturton, co. Notts., and South Kelsey, co. Lincoln, and the Savile estates at Brierley, co. Ebor., and in Ireland. He sold Steeton in 1800, and also his Derbyshire estates, and soon after Kelsey, and the Irish estates, after which he added to the Osberton estate by buying Scofton fom General Sutton, and Bilby from Morgan Vane, Esq., [.....] he died 13 November, 1814 [.....]
= MARY ARABELLA, (1st wife), 2nd daughter, and at length the sole heiress of John Thornhagh, Esq., of Osberton and Sturton, co. Notts., (who took the name of Hewet on succeeding to the estates of his godfather, Sir Thomas Hewet, of Shire Oaks, co. Notts.), and Arabella, his wife, eldest daughter and co-heiress of Sir George Savile, last baronet of Rufford and Thornhill, whose estates at Brierley and in Ireland she inherited, and also Osberton, Fenton, and Sturton, from her father, born at Fenton 16 August, 1750, died 29 December, 1790. [.....]
= Lady MARY ARABELLA LUMLEY, (2nd wife) daughter of Richard, 4th Earl of Scarborough, by Barbara, younger daughter and co-heiress of Sir George Savile, last Baronet of Rufford, &c., born 1 June, 1758, died s.p. 1 May, 1817 [.....]

[Ferrand and Mary Arabella Thornhagh had issue]

JOHN SAVILE FOLJAMBE, Esq., eldest son and heir, born in London, 3 May, 1776, [.....] lieut.-colonel of 1st West York Yeomanry Cavalry, married 20 October, 1798, died v.p. (at Bath) 14 January, 1805. [.....]
= ELIZABETH, daughter of Rev. James Willoughby, LL.D., rector of Guiseley, by Elizabeth, daughter and co-heiress of James Hobson, of Kirby Moreside; aunt of the present Lord Middleton, born 24 February, 1774, at York, died at Southwell Manor House, co. Notts., 25 September, 1858. [.....]
[They had issue]

GEORGE SAVILE FOLJAMBE, Esq., born at Aldwarke, 4 June, [1800] [.....]
= HARRIET EMILY MARY, (1st wife), eldest daughter of Sir William M. S. Milner, Bart., of Nun Appleton, co. Ebor., by his 2nd wife, Harriet Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Lord Edward Bentinck; born 28 May, 1810, married 9 December, 1828, died 28 December, 1830. [.....]
= Lady SELINA CHARLOTTE (2nd wife), of Haselbech Hall, Northants, Dowager Viscountess Milton, 2nd of the 3 daughters and co-heiresses of Charles Cecil, 3rd and last Earl of Liverpool, by Julia Evelyn Medley, daughter and heiress of Sir George Shuckburgh, Bart., by his wife, Julia Anabella, daughter and heiress of James Evelyn, Esq., by his wife Anabella, sister and heiress of George Medley, Esq.; born 3 July, 1812, and had married, 1st, on 15 August, 1833, to William Charles, Viscount Milton, eldest son of 5th Earl Fitzwilliam, who died 8 November, 1835, by whom she had an only daughter, born posthumous, 9 January, 1836, Mary Selina Charlotte, who married 21 June, 1855, to Hon. W. H. B. Portman, eldest son and heir of Lord Portman, and has issue. Married, 2ndly, 28 August, 1845, living in 1873.

[George Savile and Harriet Emily Mary had issue]

[George Savile and Selina Charlotte had issue]

FRANCIS JOHN SAVILE FOLJAMBE, Esq., now of Osberton &c., born 9 April, 1830, [.....] married 20 February, 1856, living in 1873.
= Lady GERTRUDE EMILY ACHESON, eldest dau of Archibald, 3rd Earl of Gosford, K.P., by Theodosia, daughter of John Chambre, 10th Earl of Meath; born 30 June, 1833, living in 1873.
[They had issue]