Notes on the will of Godfrey Giffard, Bishop of Worcester

Below is a list of the people mentioned in the will of Godfrey Giffard, Bishop of Worcester, dated at Kempsey by Worcester, 13 September 1301.

Godfrey was a son of Hugh Giffard of Boyton, Wiltshire, and Sibyl his wife, daughter and coheir of Walter de Cormeilles. His brother Walter was Archbishop of York [Complete Peerage, vol.9, p.483, note j].

The text is taken from William Thomas's A Survey of the Cathedral Church of Worcester, Appendix, pp.77-81 (1736) [from Register Geynsb., f.17].

A full translation can be found in J. W. Willis Bund's edition of the Register of Bishop William Ginsborough, 1303 to 1307, pages 54-60 (Worcestershire Historical Society, 1907), which is available online on Mel Lockie's website.

Those mentioned in the body of the will: