(JUST 2/120)

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This page contains abstracts of coroners' inquests from the JUST 2/120 roll held at the National Archives. The roll covers both Nottinghamshire and Northamptonshire and is in variable condition as some membranes are faded and/or discoloured. Inquests for Northamptonshire dating from 1296 to 1312 are indexed here. The chattels of suspected felons are usually given along with the values of items that lead to an accidental death.

JUST 2/120
Regnal Year Place Deceased First finder Pledges from Notes
Image (AALT) Brackley ? This membrane starts with what may be a continuation from elsewhere; ... John son of John le (Were) de Brackley and the aforesaid William, a place called (Weade_croft). A stone struck William under the right eye.
Image (AALT) 25 Ed1 Helmdon Nicholas le Rede At Helmeden, a quarrel arose between Simon Whetehed de Helmeden and Nicholas le Rede of the same about a debt. Simon struck Nicholas with a staff under the left ear and he died after nine days and after confessing and partaking in communion. Matilda sister of Simon and Isold wife of Nicholas. Chattels of Simon listed, Matilda has no chattels.
Image (AALT) 26 Ed1 Brackley Alicia a la grave Found in her brother's house with no wounds, confessing and taking communion before dying. No-one is suspected?
Image (AALT) 26 Ed1 Astrop in Kings Sutton Richard son of Richard le Potter de Faringho John Moder[ere]s de Astthorp John Doveward de Sutton & Adam de Wappenham of Sutton At Astthorp in the parish of Sutton, found drowned in a well/pit in the court of Margerie once the wife of William le Proude with no wounds. He was affected by falling sickness and fell in and drowned.
Image (AALT) 27 Ed1 Brackley Robert Prat a child aged 9 years Juliana his mother Thomas in Salpis de Brackele & Richard Swift of the same Found drowned in a pit/well in the fields of Brackel with no wounds. No-one is suspected. Misfortune.
Image (AALT) 27 Ed1 Brackley Richard de Bedeford John his son John Marcward de (S)utton & Adam Osbern of the same Found in the highway at Brackele opposite the house of Agnes le White with wounds made from a sword or so it appeared. Walter le Monek de Newenton and Adam his brother had been sitting for dinner at the house of Agnes. Richard de Bedeford junior, Henry (Bulge) de Preston, Richard Bole de Cherlton & Roger le Fendour de Cherlton. Walter le Monk. John le Boteler de Brackle, Richard de Holdernese de Brackle & Peter de Holdernesse of the same. Richard de Bedeford junior was captured quickly? Charwelton.
Image (AALT) 28 Ed1 Charwelton Roger le Fendour de Charwelton & Richard le Bole of the same & Hugh le Messer de ___bergo & Thomas ___ de birtlington (stole) at Tingewik in county Buckingham and broke into the houses of Hugh le Wild & John le Messer? John Gilemyn de ___ete. Thomas le Meger.
Image (AALT) 28 Ed1 Astrop in Kings Sutton Bones found? 'Galnam' de Bek, Henry Botheler, William Bradewey. John de Li__ns, Roger de Messend__, Adam Osbern & John Markward.
Image (AALT) 28 Ed1 Whitfield Robert le Barker de (Brackley) In the fields of Whytefeld, Petronilla his wife.
Image (AALT) 29 Ed1 Astrop in Kings Sutton John Walkelyn In the hall of Isabell de Stapelton, Peter son of Isabell was in bed? John Walkelyn came. Peter got out of bed and spoke with John then struck John with a sword? John had a fever and confessed and partook of communion before dying?
Image (AALT) 29 Ed1 Syresham Reginald French A quarrel arose between William le (Gay) of ___ in Buckinghamshire and Reginald French de Siresham about ? in a place called depeslade in the fields of Siresham. William struck Reginald with a Welsh arrow and he died after 8 days after confessing and partaking of communion. William had no chattels, the arrow was worth a half penny.
Image (AALT) 29 Ed1 Hinton in the Hedges Hugh le (Ken) At the house of Hugh le K(en) de Hynton, Hugh was struck him on the head with a (pollax) by an unknown thief and died after confessing and partaking of communion. The thief fled.
Image (AALT) 29 Ed1 Kings Sutton Roger de Oxhulf, Warwickshire, took refuge in the chuch at Sutton and confessed he was a thief and had stolen a tunic in county Warwick and with other thieves had (killed). Chattels listed. Oxhill.
Image (AALT) 30 Ed1 Appeal: John le Skynere de Weston for the death of Walter? William Seymor of Hannington & Thomas ad crucem de Button. Walgrave.
Image (AALT) 30 Ed1 Cransley John in the lane Agnes daughter of William de Langeport & John le Hunte of the same In the fields of Cransley at a place called Brunbelbusc/Brimbelbusc, John in venella de Cranesle, fell from a cart, broke his neck and back and died after confessing and partaking of communion?
Image (AALT) 31 Ed1 Langport Thomas le Palmere took refuge in the church of All Saints at Langeport and confessed he was a thief, stealing in the field of Pattishall and abjured the realm. He had no chattels.
Image (AALT) 32 Ed1 Langport (Roger son of Stephen Ode Langeport) Stephen Ode Stephen Ate grene de Langeport & William (Buleok) of the same Found below the house of William (Gussel) with head injuries? Hit by a branch of a tree?
Image (AALT) 33 Ed1 Hanging Houghton Royse (daughter) of Richard son of (Ranulf) de Hangendehouton a child aged half a year Richard her father Richard son of Robert de Houghton & William son of William of the same At Hangendhouton, found with wounds. Rose was lying in a cradle on her own in the house. A sow came in and she suffered a head injury. The pig was valued at 12 pence.
Image (AALT) 30 Ed1 ? Brackley, at or near Inquest, misfortune. Membrane faded.
Image (AALT) 33 Ed1 ? Astwell (William ___ de Faringho) Richard son of John son of Adam de Astwell Robert ___ & Roger ___ both of Astwell At Astwell wood in a place called ___irisgor', Geoffrey (dela Hurne) de Farningho struck William with a sword and fled. Chattels listed.
Image (AALT) 30 Ed1 Kings Sutton Robert (foliot) de Stapelaston in Oxfordshire, Thomas de Leonus baillif of the hundred of Sutton. (Robert) sought refuge in the church of St Peter at Sutton and confessed he was a thief and had stolen horses from the fields of Merton in Warwickshire and abjured the realm. Chattels listed. Faded.
Image (AALT) 30 Ed1 ? Brackley In a place called lambecotefurlong. Robert de Coleworth in Brackley, John ____, John Knotte & Thomas ___march. Robert struck Richard with a lance. John Godot, John Frenco. Chattels listed. Faded.
Image (AALT) 30 Ed1 Brackley Robert ____ found in the house of Walter ad crucem with no wounds, confessing and taking communion before dying. At Brockhall in a place called Schetenescote. Unknown thieves?
Image (AALT) 31 Ed1 Wappenham Hugh de Kerew___ Adam son of ___ Thomas le Wylde de Wappenham & Richard Wenekin of the same Hugh de Kerew__, the court of Bartholomew de Arderne. W__ the groom to Bartholomew struck Hugh killing him and others unknown fled. Beheaded? Adam le Ward de Sutton baillif of the hundred de Sutton & Willam de Wappenham. Henry Sturthup de Siresham servant to Bartholomew. Pledges from Martin Hubout de Siresham & William Peres de Faringho. The sword was worth 6 pence. Chattels of Hugh were a pollax, a tunic worth 4 pence and hat worth 1 penny and a purse with girdle.
Image (AALT) 31 Ed1 Croughton Robert Fox At Croulton, a quarrel arose between Agnes (Cosyn) and Robert Fox de Dichele in Oxfordshire. William Cullehar' de Croulton. William struck Robert who fled to the house of Richard Wale? William killed Robert?
Image (AALT) 31 Ed1 Middleton Robert Hud de Midelton & William ad crucem of the same John le ____. William de Doddingesseles in a place called hangendehul. Died after confessing and partaking in communion. Digging in a marl pit and crushed by a fall of earth? The 'marre' was worth 2 pence.
Image (AALT) 31 Ed1 Breve? Nicholas Spirne de Marston St Laurence.
Image (AALT) 31 Ed1 ? Middleton Milo de Senekere John le Wade de Midelton & John Bartelot of the same In the fields of Midelton in a place calle (Snethelowe) with wounds to left and right legs made with a pollax? The house of William Steward at Farthingho. William and Emma his wife to be captured. No-one else is suspected.
Image (AALT) 32 Ed1 Helmdon (John de ____ de Northumberland) In the fields of Helmingden in a place called (Aylesthornes), found with head wounds made with a staff.
Image (AALT) 33 Ed1 Breve? Thomas Elyot & Beatrice his wife of ?
Image (AALT) ? Membrane faded.
Image (AALT) 33 Ed1 Great Harrowden Lettice [Lecia] daughter of Robert de Harewedon Found drowned in a well. Membrane faded.
Image (AALT) 33 Ed1 Broughton Unknown person ___ son of Simon de Clendon in Brouton Walter son of Stephen de Brouton In the fields of Brouton in a place called W_____s, found with head wounds. Presumed a victim of unknown thieves.
Image (AALT) 33 Ed1 Hannington Joan daughter of William Bieston William Bieston William Hunte & Thomas Biestoun both of Hannington She was in the court of Geoffrey (Graunevile) and looked into the well when her foot slipped and she fell in.
Image (AALT) 34 Ed1 Isham Thomas de Fenton Robert Starling de Isham John Ingolt de Isham & Geoffrey Beret of the same In the court of Henry de Isham, found with a broken neck. He had climbed a ladder and by misfortune fell to his death.
Image (AALT) 35 Ed1 Hanging Houghton John le Taylour de Repingham Alice? Richard le Mustarder Alexander gerneys de Houghton & John godwyne of the same At Houghton juxta Langeport, found in the fields in a place called Rothewellsik with head wounds made with a hatchet called a pollax. John de Billingbroc groom to John Bluat killed him and he was taken by the sherrif. Robert de Pytesle.
Image (AALT) 2 Ed2 Little Harrowden John de Gildesbor', miller (____ Guniwyle) de Hareweden Richard de Harewedon & William de Raundes At parva Harweden at the windmill (of John ad fontem), John of Guilsborough the miller was found dead with knife wounds. Killed by unknown thieves at night.
Image (AALT) 2 Ed2 Scaldwell John son of Ralph de Haselbech William son of William de Faxton William le Taillour & Richard Ladde Found with a knife wound in the stomach or so it appeared. Adam Frere and Richard de Asshely miller killed him and they are thieves. They have no chattels.
Image (AALT) 3 Ed2 Broughton Ralph de Pitesle Julian/a his son/dtr Adam Iranburge de Broughton & William son of (the) carpenter Found in the street with his neck broken. He was with a cart which overturned on him?
Image (AALT) 3 Ed2 Cransley Isabell daughter of Matilda Rok Matilda Rok John de Cransley & William le Tayllour of the same Found in her mother's house. Isabell went to the house of William de Wolde de Cranisle and fell into a vat of boiling grout and died the next day. The grout was worth 3 pence and the vat (kymelinus) worth 3 pence.
Image (AALT) 3 Ed2 Isham Thomas the clerk son of John le Carpenter de Northampton Found dead in his house. Inquest before J. de Wyleby sherrif and H. Daundelyn coroner and 12 jurors namely Sir Nicholas de Wymale, William de St Jer___o, William de Raundes, (John de ____), Simon le Blound, John Grene, Gilbert Ayne, Richard (Jurdon), Simon Abov(toun), ?, Robert Cristain, Alexander ad (Ecclesiam), Simon (Rous), Henry de Cranisle. They say that at Isham there was a game called le Wrastlling and Thomas was shot with an arrow after a quarrel. He survived the arrow but died from a disease called 'le flux' (dysentery) after confessing and partaking of communion.
Image (AALT) 4 Ed2 Pytcheley Peter son of (Robert Erl de Burton) Emma Erl his mother John de le Hul de Burton & Henry Sprot of the same In the fields of Pitesle in the river Yse in a place called (longing), found with no wounds. Misfortune. Membrane discoloured.
Image (AALT) 5 Ed2 Langport Roger de Hillinton Matilda his daughter Roger Mariage de Langeport & Stephen ate grene of the same Found with head wounds down to the brain. Membrane faded.