HENRY VIII, 1546-1547
(KB 9/554-568)

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KB9/564, m. 84
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37 Hen VIII Oundle, Elton or Elmington Inquest held at Oundell 20th October before Gilbert Pykeryng coroner under the liberty of the hundred of Polebrooke on the body of John Jaxson of Oundell, shoemaker, on the oaths of John Andro, John Willamott, Robert Rosse, Robert Holldyche, (Nich Bale), John Welles, John Allward, John Reede, Thomas Abbatt, John Lewes, Thomas Dent, Henry Hylton, Martin (Henmersh), Peter Dobbes, John (C)ooke, William Haylls & Richard Henson. On 10th October at about 10am at Eyllton with Thomas Ramsden of Oundell shoemaker also called Thomas Ramson, Ramsden with malice aforethought struck Jaxson on the right side of his head with a 'pugione' (a pointed or sharp instrument) worth 2 pence. He lingered until the 20th when he died. Ramsden fled and has chattels worth 8 pounds 6 shillings as annexed (see below) and in the custody of John Pykeryng bailiff of the liberty of Oundell.
KB9/564, m. 85
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37 Hen VIII Oundle From the king re the death of John Jaxson and capture of Thomas Ramsden (see above). Westminster 20th November. On dorse Gylbert Pykeryng coroner.
KB9/564, m. 86
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37 Hen VIII Oundle The inventory of all the goods and chattels which were unto Thomas Ramsden of Oundell, shomaker, at the tyme of his withdrawing. First, 6 dozen shoes and a half 3 pair of boots with the implements of the shop 40s; a dozen hides of leather 9s; In the hall 3 brass pans, 2 bayle kettles 10s, 2 brass pots a possenell 2 spyttes 3s, 2 tables a form a chair 2 cushions (quysshyons) 3s 4d, of cupboard the hanging irons 4s; In the parlour 2 matresses a featherbed 2 pillows 10s, 2 coffers the hangings about the house 4s, 2 bedsteads and a forme 12d, 2 candlesticks a chafyng dish a pewter salter a pewter pot 12d, five pairs of harden sheets 3 pairs of tere hemp 3 pairs of flaxen 2 table cloths a napkin 16s, 3 stone of hemp 8s; In the brewhouse a lead 3 tubs a bucket a strike 3 pitchforks and other old stuff 8s; in the barn five loads of haye 10s, a cow __ 13s 4d, 2 hogs 5s 4d; The wood in the yard 20s. Total £8-6s.
KB9/565, m. 15
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37 Hen VIII Alderton Inquest held at Aderton 20th November before Thomas Langtre coroner on the body of Peers Pycrofte/Picroft labourer on the oaths of Edward Penn, John Camsell, Robert Homon, John Homon, Thomas Senell, Richard Walter & William Sayrbe (all) of Alderton, Richard Heye, Wiliam Edmonds, William Story, Richard Boughton, Thomas Furley & Richard Ekelston (all) of Paulerspury, John Fermer, Ralph Jokson & John Barnett (all) of Grafton Regis. He was riding a horse called 'a letle nagge' colour grey the property of John Wylliams militis at Alderton when he struck the horse with a small stick such that it rode into a pond and he died? The horse was worth 20 shillings. Signed Thomas Langtre. Misfortune.
KB9/565, m. 16
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37 Hen VIII Harringworth Inquest held at Haryngworth 4th September before Henry Freman coroner on the body of Elene Warde also called Elene Wade on the oaths of Robert Laxton of Gretton, John Rowlet of the same, Simon Corbet of the same, Thomas Bewes of Wakerley, Robert Hance of the same, William Carter of the same, John Qale of Harringworth, Robert Kirk of the same, William Buck of the same, William Couper of the same, William (Drewe) & John Grene of the same. Elene aged 4 was on a horse in the fields of Harringworth with William Wade when she fell and broke her neck. Signed by Henry Freman. Misfortune.
KB9/565, m. 17
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37 Hen VIII Corby Inquest held at Corbi 19th September before Henry Freeman coroner on the body of John Rowlet on the oaths of Christopher Kisseby of Corby, Thomas Chysselton of the same, Thomas Bayly of the same, John Henstock of the same, Thomas Balamy of Stanion ('Stanyard'), John Balamy of the same, Richard Garon of the same, William King of the same, John Taylor of Weldon, Thomas Rowell of the same, Richard Larat of the same & James Coke of the same. On 19th September about 5am was riding a grey horse in the town of Corby the property of Christopher Rowlet his father. Fell from the horse but was caught in the harness and dragged along the stones? Signed Henry Freman. Misfortune.
KB9/565, m. 18
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37 Hen VIII Northampton Inquest held at Northampton castle 31st July before Robert Gryffyn coroner on the body of William Holson late of Isam, butcher, on the oaths of Henry Hikman of Walgrave, John Hauks/Hanks of Bugbrooke, Thomas Cory of Harpole, John Giles of Bugbrooke, Richard Pikeringe of the same, John Fermer of Wellingborough, John Belche of Barby ("Baraby"), Thomas Colman of Long Buckby, Florens Stanley of Whittlebury, Richard Bere of Bugbrooke, John Hauks of Helmdon, Henry Jonys of Bugbrooke, John Shorte of Helmdon, Thomas Tybbys of Bugbrooke & John Clarke of Orlingbury ('Orlibere'). He died of a sickness called le Ague and cold and hunger.
KB9/565, m. 19
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37 Hen VIII Woodford near Thrapston Inquest held at Wodford 10th February before Gilbert Pykeryng in the hundred of Huxloe on the body of Roger Brycheford of Wodford labourer on the oaths of Thomas _arr_, William Stretton, Richard Curtys, Henry Coxe, Henry Hopkyn, Roger Asheley, Thomas Assheley, Henry Tune, Thomas Kynge, Thomas Totehyll, Richard Lyn___, Richard Foscote & Roger Saweford. On 20th January about 1pm Roger Brycheford was on a black horse the property of Richard Barryffe of Woodford, the horse went to drink at strong winds blew him into the water? Misfortune.
KB9/565, m. 20
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37 Hen VIII Kettering Inquest held at Keteryng 26th December before Gilbert Pykeryng coroner in the hundred of Huxloe on the body of (Joan Hurlston) on the oaths of Richard Alderman, William Drury, Thomas ___, Richard Holcott, John Newsam, Robert Symand, Robert Pycsele, John Mannyng, Robert Gossey & Christopher Browne. On 21st December, Margery Fayrfeyll of Kettering, Thomas Hurlston of Kettering. Membrane partly faded. Probably misfortune.
KB9/565, m. 64
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37 Hen VIII Stoke Doyle Inquest held at Stoke Doyle 14th July before Gilbert Pykeryng coroner in Navisford hundred on the body of Richard Staniarne of Stoke Doyle husbandman on the oaths of Robert Thurlbe, Thomas Alynson, Thomas Browghton, John Andro, John (Decon), John Wyllmot, John Hunt, William Warner, Richard (Stevyn), Thomas Parrye, John Welldon, John Tayller, Henry Myller, Thomas Powere, William (Elsm'), Edward Smyth & George Jaxson. On 13th July around 6am Rd Stanierne also called Richard Webster with a halter worth a half penny hanged himself from a beam in his house. Suicide.
KB9/566 No Northants content found
KB9/567, m. 73
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38 Hen VIII Northampton, Peterborough Memorandum re the sessions held at the castle before Thomas Tresha milite, Thomas Cave, Richard Humfrey, Richard Wake, John Barnard, Francis Morgan & Thomas Mulshoo keepers of the peace on the oaths of Richard Chambers gent, Edward Leek gent, William Knyght of Abthorpe, John Lawney of Maidford, Maurice Wade of Kelmarsh, William Capron of Weedon, John Woodward of Hothorpe (Howthorp), Richard Pykeryng of Bugbrooke, Richard Hodge of Harlestone, Willliam Muscote of Flore, Henry Lyne of Flore, Richard Maryet of Towcester & Nicholas Keytll of Towcester. Robert Ireman of Peterborough innholder the 10th October 37HenVIII entered the house of the Reverend in Christ John the Bishop of Peterborough and stole goods worth 20 shillings?
KB9/567, m. 74
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38 Hen VIII Peterborough From the king re indictment of Robert Irenam of Peterborough innholder, Westminster 5th November.
KB9/567, m. 84
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38 Hen VIII Oundle, Elton Memorandum re the sessions held at the castle before Richard Wake, Francis Morgan, John Barnard, Robert Chauntrell, William Chauncey & Thomas Malory keepers of the peace on the oaths of Thomas Newsam of Maidford, John Lawney of the same, Matthew Seyton of the same, (Whibardi) Watts of Culworth, William Neel of Litchborough, Thomas Wells of Boughton, John Symonds of Denton, Thomas Carte of Moulton, Edward Leek of Litchborough, Robert Dykenson of Kingsthorpe, John Hylls of Haddon, Richard Symons of Bugbrooke, John Golde of Welton & Thomas Boughton of Paulerspury. Re Thomas Raunson alias Thomas Ranesden late of Oundle shoemaker the 10th October 37HenVIII assualted John Jaxson at Eylton in county Northampton with malice aforethought with a 'pugione' worth 2 pence giving a mortal wound to the head.
KB9/567, m. 85
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38 Hen VIII Oundle, Elton From the king re indictment of Thomas Ramsden, Westminster 30th January 37HenVIII.
KB9/567, m. 172
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38 Hen VIII Daventry Inquest held at Daventrie 20th July before Thomas Symes bailiff and coroner on the body of Matthew Lydalle on the oaths of Edward Pell, William Parker, Stephen Nycolson, Thomas Cosyns, John Jessone junior, John _alman, Richard Bryd, John Lauks/Banks, Roger Byrd, Thomas Gyffyns, William Wright, William (Gyllys), William (Dokys). Drowned in the mill pond at a water mill called 'le nether mylle dame' on 20th July by great misfortune.
KB9/567, m. 173
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38 Hen VIII Thorpe Waterville Inquest held at Thorp Waterfeylld 25 May before Gilbert Pykeryng coroner under the liberty of the hundreds of Polebrooke and Navisford on the body of Joan Shepperd of Barnewell spinster on the oaths of John (Chaumbers), William Warner, James Peake, Thomas Beane, John Hunt, Adam Gybson, Alexander Emere, Richard Aburne, Thomas Stanyerne, Thomas ___, Henry Thurlbe, John Smythe, John Welldon, John Wyllamot, William Whyght & Robert Symson. On 24th May about 10pm Joan Shepperd aged 70 years wandered in the village and by misfortune drowned in a pond? Misfortune.
KB9/567, m. 174
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38 Hen VIII Walgrave Inquest held at Walgrave 14th June before Thomas Langtre gent, coroner on the body of Edmund Dewysbury late of Walgrave (miller) on the oaths of John (Symcot), Thomas Tybbott, Alexander Hill, William Carter ... John Renyte, Thomas Harryett, Thomas M___. At a windmill in the fields of Walgrave, he was unwisely standing in a certain place and suffered a deep head wound. John Lane. (Names of jurors are partly obscured by writing on dorse). Misfortune.
KB9/567, m. 205
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38 Hen VIII Slapton Inquest held at Slapton 17th July before Robert Gryffyn coroner on the body of Alice Olyber of Slapton on the oaths of Harold Hynson, John Morrys, George Cledon, Edward Collyns, William Shepard, Thomas Teybem John Symkyn, Nicholas Knyght, Richard (Lake), John Goodman, John Norman, John. Byrtt, Henry Hunt & William Broune. Around 11pm Alice left her bed, placed a halter around her neck and hanged herself from a beam in her house. She had chattels worth 16 pence in the custody of John Gyllatt of Slapton. Suicide.
KB9/567, m. 206
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37 Hen VIII Rothwell Inquest held at Rothwell 17th March before Henry Freman coroner on the body of Isabelle Dalby spinster on the oaths of Richard Brabroke of Rothwell, Thomas Davyson of the same, Robert Lawke of the same, Henry Hartyshorne of the same, William Padfeld of the same, John Brouknale of Desborough, Thomas Wymond of the same, Richard Wakeleyn of the same, Robert Sprott of Rushton, Thomas Dawse of the same, Roger Dentyth of Orton (Overton), Richard Ingram of the same, Thomas Bylton of the same & John Wodforde of the same. About 1pm on 17th March Isabella placed a rope around a beam in her (or her mother's) house and hanged herself. Suicide.
KB9/567, m. 207
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38 Hen VIII Chipping Warden ? Inquest held at Wardon 12th May before Thomas Stotesbury gent, coroner, on the body of Henry Pratt on the oaths of Wiliam Harrys, Thomas Newman, Thomas Paryn, Thomas Wynculles, William Ryton, Thomas Gyllyens, John Stokeley, Thomas Harrys, Thomas Gybbys, Thomas Gee, John Cottysbroke, William Stokeley, William Hancoke & John Russell. He drowned himself in a well and had chattels worth 14 shillings 4 pence now in the keeping of John Watts and John Beston constables at Wardon. Suicide.
KB9/567, m. 208
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38 Hen VIII Weedon Bec Inquest held at Wedon Beke 22nd July before Thomas Stotesbury coroner on the body of Margerie Gare widow on the oaths of Thomas Judkyns, Thomas Gostwike, Edmund Billyng, John Colle, Thomas Harryett, John Poker, Ed. Roffe, John Smyth, Richard Sewell, Thomas Adams, Hugh Folwell, Percival Bland & John Clerke. Around 12 at night Margery left her bed and drowned herself in a well. She had chattels worth 13 shillings 4 pence in the keeping of Ed. Lynell and Richard West of Wedon. Suicide.
KB9/568 No Northants content found