RICHARD II, 1377-1399
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173/1, m. 2
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1394 Northampton, Coventry John Clyfton of Northampton, drasiere, the Monday before the feast of St Botolph Abbot at Coventre came before William de Attelburgh then coroner in Coventre (and appealed) Richard de Haloughton smyth for that the same Richard the Saturday after the feast of St Barnabas Apostle at Combewode feloniously deprived John of a black horse with ___ worth 2 pence, a (kerchief) worth 20 pence, hose worth 12 pence. Also mentions Thomas Galbot and Thomas Bounde. Richard has been captured by order of the justices of the peace in county Warwick. Membrane partly damaged.
175, m. 16
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1397 Napton King to coroners regarding the death of William Webbe of Napton whence William Ratclif of Napton soutere is indicted. Westminster 6th May 20Ric II. On dorse, Laurence Dyve, coroner in county Northampton.
175, m. 17
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1387 Staverton, Daventry It happened at Staverton juxta Daventre the Thursday before the feast of St Peter in Cathedra 20Ric II that William Webbe of Napton was found dead above Brerefurlong in the fields of Staverton with a wound in the right side of the back through to the heart 2 inches long. Inquest held before Laurence Dyve, coroner, with a jury from Daventre, Badby, Braundeston and Catesby who say on oath that on Wednesday before the Thursday abovesaid William Webe and William Radclyf of Napton souter were riding from Daventre to Napton in the fields of Staverton when they argued and Radclyf struck Webbe with a certain baslardo worth 4 pence in the back until he was dead. Radclyf has no chattels in county Northampton. The village of Staverton responds for the value of baslard. The first finder John Wallys brought pledges from John Welken and John Drewell.
177 1399 No Northants content found
179, m. 30
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1399 Stoke Albany Inquest held at Stoke Dauberney at a view of frankpledge held 5th May 20Ric II before Richard Blys seneschal, William Croiser (lord of the manor of Stoke Dauberney) on the oaths of Thomas Kyng, Richard Brochole, John Blake senior, John (Lauvall) senior, Richard Fulle, William Lovecoke, Richard Symme, Richard Merchaunt, John Blake junior, John (Lauvall) junior, John Godman & Richard Spencer who say that William Wymbeldon the Monday after the feast of St Giles, Abbot, 21Ric II did feloniously take six cattle ('boves') and three horses worth 100 shillings the property of Robert atte Grone at Stoke Dauberney (and on whose testimony the jurors sign and seal the date and place above written).
179, m. 51
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1399 Towcester, Hanley forest King to Laurence Dyve coroner re indictment for the death of John Garlik and John Webbe. John Chese, John Page & Nicholas Calon, forester in the forest de hanele. Westminster 26th April 22Ric II. On dorse, response by Laurence Dyve; John Webbe also called John Spaldyng webster.
179, m. 52
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1399 Towcester, Hanley forest, Hulcote, Paulerspury, Tiffield, Lillingstone Lovell It happened at Toucestre the Monday after the feast of All Saints 22Ric II that John Spaldyng webster of county Worcester was found dead in a certain lane called le Parkelane with a wound in his left side 3 inches by one inch. Inquest held before Laurence Dyve with jurors from Hulcote, Eston, Paulesperye and Tiffeld the Monday above written on the oaths of John Josep, Geoffrey Gregory, John Warde, Geoffrey Dudde, John Jones, John Houghton, Thomas Carswell, John Anneys, John Parker, Thomas Parker of Helemenden & John Deyster. Jurors say that on Friday in the feast of All Saints, John Chese of Lillyngton Lovell (senior) a forester in the King's forest of hanlee after the hours of vespers (was returning to his house in Toucestre) came upon John Spaldyng and John Garlik webster and two others unknown in the lane above written when suddenly John Spaldyng struck John Chese in the chest with a knife. John Spaldyng was struck in the left side in defence? John Chese quickly fled. The knife was worth 2 pence and Towcester responds. They say that John Chese had no goods and chattels in county Northampton. The first finder was John Hake who brought pledges from ___ and John Houghton. (Some additional detail is contained in this report). On dorse, John Chese of Lillyngston Lovell senior a forester in the King's forest of hanle.
179, m. 53
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1399 Towcester, Hanley Forest, Paulerspury, Tiffield It happened at Toucester the Monday in the feast of St Martin in 22Ric II that John Garlik webster was found dead with a wound on the left side of his head 3 inches by 1 inch and an inquest was held before Laurence Dyve and jurors from Hulcote, Eston, Pallesperye and Tiffeld on Monday aforesaid on the oaths of Richard Bacon, Hugh Launder, William Fox, William Lamberd, William Turvyll, William Carter, Thomas atte Wode, John Jones, John Duston, Geoffrey Gregory junior, John Houghton & Richard Haddon jurors. They say that on Friday in the feast of All Saints Nicholas Parker servant and a custodian of the forest of the king at hanlee was going to (or from) the forest in le Parkelane of Toucestre after the hour of vespers when he found John Garlik and John Spaldyng and an unknown associate and John Garlick struck Nicholas with a staff on the head. Nicholas took out his knife and in defence struck John Garlik on the left side of the head. He languished until Saturday when he died. Nicholas fled to the forest. The knife was worth 8 pence and Toucestre will respond. Nicholas has no chattels in the county. The first finder was John Bozell who attached pledges from John Jones and William Fox.